Coffee County Schools COPPA List

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) gives parents control over what information websites can collect from their kids that are under the age of 13. The COPPA Rule puts additional protections in place and streamlines other procedures that companies covered by the rule need to follow. The COPPA FAQs can help keep your company COPPA compliant. Learn about the COPPA Safe Harbor Program and about organizations the FTC has approved to implement safe harbor programs. You can also get information about ways to get verifiable parental consent– including new methods the Commission has approved – and the process for seeking approval for new methods.

There are many different online and digital resources that can help student and teachers improve and enhance the teaching process. These can be a great resource to students and teachers but some sites can put student data at risk. Coffee County Schools is committed to protecting student online information. We have developed a process that allows us to vet the websites that teachers use and ensure that the sites that we use for instruction meet the requirements of COPPA if they collect any student data.

Only the resources that collect student data for use for students that are under the age of 13 are included on the list below and have been approved and vetted for use by teachers for Coffee County Schools.

Coffee County Schools Approved COPPA Sites