Coffee County Coordinated School Health

School Counselor week 2019
School Counselor week 2019
Happy National School Counseling Week

"Healthy Children Learn Better"

Coffee County Coordinated School Health connects physical, emotional and social health with education through eight inter-related components. This coordinated approach improves students' health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and schools working together. Coordinated School Health works with many partners to address school health priorities.

Tonya Garner, M. Ed

Coordinator of Coordinated School Health

My undergraduate degree is from MTSU in Health and Wellness K-12. My Masters Degree is from LMU in Education Leadership. I am currently enrolled at LMU working on my EDS in Instructional Leadership. I am a Navy Veteran and I love to share my experiences with students so they realize the benefits of dedicating a few years of their lives to serving this great nation. I also have ten years experience in public health and education.

I am a graduate from Coffee County Central High School and I am originally from and currently live in Pelham, TN. I have a wonderful husband and two awesome boys. We are farmers and we love to spend time kayaking and hiking.

When I graduated from MTSU my dream job was to be the Coffee County Coordinator of Coordinated School Health. I am honored to be in this position and I will continuously strive to accomplish the mission of Coordinated School Health and the mission of the Coffee County Schools.

All parents and guardians should feel great knowing that you are sending your children to schools with the best School Nurses, School Counselors and Physical Education Teachers in the state of Tennessee. They are all very dedicated and work very hard daily to ensure the physical, emotional and social health of your children is in top notch condition.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions or concerns.

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