MOHS Art Gallery Showcase!

The following art work is made by students and faculty of Monticello High School

during the Covid impacted school year!

Snowy Monster!

Artist statement: On a snowy day, I watched my gentle pine tree morph into a scary looking monster!

By: Nikita Hiranandani

Tree that paints

Artist statement: During a beautiful winter sunset this tree seemed to me as if painting streaks of colors in the sky.

By:Nikita Hiranandani

Eerie Refuge

Artist statement: Art can always be an escape.

By: Kira Van Nostrand


Artist statement: Art has helped me give identify to new classmates that I have never seen. I don’t categorize people by their faces anymore, just the way they make me feel. They always feel far away, like they’re behind a veil.

By: Kira Van Nostrand

One last date

Artist statement: Photo of The Marya Ava Brice, one of the last dates we went on before covid, she was in the middle of looking at photos we took that day. Decided take a natural photo of her.

By: Kyle Lee

owl mask

Artist statement: A paper-mache half mask inspired by barn owls. Recycled cardboard, newspaper, and burlap with acrylic paint and mod podge to seal and age. Photo edited for color fidelity.

By: Frau M. Johnson

doodle page 1

Artist statement: This year literally all I have done is sketch. I draw during dinner, doodle constantly during boring zooms, and I keep my drawings simple and colorful. This is a collection of some of the sketches I have done from November 2020 to April 2021.

By: Katarina Love

Banking for Art Supplies

Artist statement: A still life, charcoal drawing inspired by my own struggles in gathering enough money for art supplies.

By: Christy Wang


Artist statement: Art is always kind of a lonely endeavor, but even more so now!

By: Kira Van Nostrand

She's An Actress, But She Ain't Got No Need

Artist statement: This piece is a monochromatic watercolor portrait. The posterized style was for an assignment but I thoroughly enjoyed making it.

By: Virginia Wilkes

Ombre Quilt

Artist statement: I sew quilts. I started about three years ago, and this is large kites and triangles in Ombre fabric.

By: Jennifer Hedberg

The Longest Wait

Artist statement: Nothing compares to the anticipation of going outside on a snow day. I captured this shared moment between siblings as they waited for their tired mom (ME!) to finish getting her boots on.

By: Corinne Lindemann


Artist statement:

This image was created early in the pandemic sometime in late March early April. The landscape image was taken at Ivy Creek and the portrait was taken while trying on a homemade mask that my mom had made and mailed to me. Ivy Creek became a retreat, a sanctuary away from our home that was now our place of work, our children's school. Home did not have the comforts it use to. Nature is where I found this comfort. I merged these images to display the contrast of those elements. Home verses the feeling of home.

By: Jennifer Meade