Math with Miss Fryc

Hello! My name is Miss Fryc, and I teach 6th and 8th grade math. I will use this website to post syllabi, assignments, and any other information that may help your student succeed in my class.

Contact: Please feel free to contact me at with any questions.


Each student has been assigned a text book, however there is also an online version that they can access by going to the Big Ideas Math website (I will post that below) and by entering their class-specific access code. To access the book, your student should click the link to BigIdeas, and select the "New to Big Ideas?" tab. From there, they will need to type in their class-specific access code (all class codes are at the bottom of this page). After entering their class code, they will be directed to creating an account, where they will need to use their student ID number. If your student is in 6th grade, they will need to select the Course 1 textbook. If your student is in 8th grade, they will need to select the Course 3 textbook. Students must select one of these textbooks before they are able to see anything else on the site. Most current assignments can be viewed on Powerschool, however I do my best to also update assignments on this website as well.


Tutoring will be held in my classroom (217) every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40-4:40 P.M. Tutoring is free of charge, as it is funded by the Title 1 Tutoring program. All students are welcome to come in during this time to complete missing assignments, raise their grade by working on past assignments that they scored lower on, current homework assignments, or just extra practice. They must sign up for either Tuesday or Thursday, so I know how many to expect.

Additional Resources:

I always encourage my students to study 15 minutes a day, which they can easily do by going online to Khan Academy or Math Bits Notebook. Simply type in either of these names into your search bar, along with the title of what you are wanting to study. For example, by typing in, "Khan Academy Scientific Notation," you will be shown several links to what Khan Academy has to offer for scientific notation.

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