Mrs. Tanaka

Teaching is my third career. My first career was a certified “beancountant” and financial analyst in the private sector. My second career as a stay-home-mom paved my way for being an educator.

I have taught kindergarten and third grade at Echo Lake Elementary. I can’t be more fortunate joining the Brookside families three years ago and being the support teacher for my dedicated colleagues. During my first year at Brookside, I taught 6th grade math and 5th grade reading intervention. Last year, I taught 5th grade math and compression math (7th and 8th grade math). Besides teaching math at Brookside, I was the science teacher for all 4th and 5th classes at Lake Forest Park Elementary.

This school year, I am honored working with Ms. Hansen’s 3rd graders in math. Also, I am teaching compression math to HiCap 6th graders. While I am not teaching math, I am coaching math to the Brookside Math Olympiad Mathletes. I just can't get enough math, and I hope my students can catch the math fever from me!