2021 29th Annual SD STEM Ed Conference

After much deliberation, the members of the SDCTM/SDSTA Joint Board have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 SD STEM Ed Conference. This decision was made with consideration for the health and well-being of attendees, the uncertainty in the current environment, and the policy restrictions and health risks associated with large gatherings. Because of the many unknowns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided that there is no safe way to conduct an in-person event. There are just too many variables, and not enough solutions.

This decision was not made lightly.

  • The health of our members is our primary concern. In a time of surging COVID numbers, hosting a large gathering is inadvisable.

  • In a time of constantly changing information, predicting the COVID situation three months in advance is impossible. Significant planning for the conference starts many months before the February event. Delaying the decision long enough to “see what happens” is simply not possible.

  • If a decision were made to host the conference, plans must be made for registration, catering, travel, hotel, and meeting rooms. These plans are put into place months before the event. A last-minute decision to cancel would require refunding of registration dollars, but all other bills would still need to be paid. This would be a significant financial exposure for SDSTA and SDCTM.

  • A last-minute cancellation would require that we notify all vendors and registrants. It would be a tremendous task to notify everyone in a timely manner.

  • Very few session proposals were received this year. This undoubtedly reflects the uncertainty of our presenters regarding the February prognosis. With so few break-out sessions available, the quality of our conference would be impacted.

  • SD STEM Ed brings in nationally known speakers for our keynote and featured presentations. As a current hotspot, South Dakota is not exactly a place that they are excited to visit. Additionally, their travel expenses are paid by the conference. Once reservations are made, we are financially committed, even if we cancel later.

  • Many schools have informed their staff that no out-of-town conference attendance will be allowed this year. In addition to concern about the personal health of their teachers, there are concerns regarding contagion and bringing a virus back home to their schools. This could dramatically reduce our expected attendance.

  • Many schools are already reporting difficulty finding substitute teachers. If a substitute cannot be found teachers may be denied professional leave to attend.

  • The health of our Executive Board members is a big concern. They are the workers who make the conference happen. The possibility of illness/quarantine preventing their attendance is real.

  • If an attendee becomes very ill, and the source is traced back to our event, SD STEM Ed could possibly be determined at fault and sued for damages.

  • National affiliates (NCTM and others) have already cancelled in-person events for spring 2021.

We will miss you all and look forward to seeing you in Huron for 2022! Save the date: tentatively scheduled for Feb. 3-5 2022.

Join educators from around the state to collaborate and learn about Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics!

Breakout Session Proposal:

  • Due by October 31, 2021.

    • Any submissions after that date may be considered at the discretion of the conference committee and may not make the booklet or advertisement.

  • The main presenter will receive an email confirming submission.

  • The Conference committee will meet in early November 2020 to schedule and approve proposals.

  • Confirmation of tentative acceptance emailed by December 1, 2020.

  • Once the proposal is tentatively accepted, the presenter(s) must complete a conference registration in order to present.

  • Online advance registration will open later in 2021.

      • Payment can be made with PayPal, credit card, or by mailing a check with a copy of the invoice.

  • Early bird registration (with payment) ends December 15th

  • Pre-registration (with payment) ends January 24th.

  • Banquet Tickets: A limited number of banquet tickets ($25) will be available. There is no guarantee that banquet tickets will be available with on-site registrations.

Graduate Credit

Conference credit will be offered through Dakota Wesleyan University. You may register for one credit hour at the 599 level.

  • Register online. Registration closes at 5 pm on Friday, February 7.

  • Attendance at 15 hours worth of sessions, lunches, and/or the banquet are required along with assignments listed in the syllabus.

  • There is no withdrawal date for courses running for 21 days or fewer, therefore once you register you will not be able to withdraw from this course.

For more information, contact Dr. Ashley Digmann at (605) 995-2891 or

exhibitor registration:

  • Registration will open later in 2021.

  • Registration Fee for the first table is $200 with each additional table being $50.

  • Each paid registration includes a Quarter Page or Banner Size advertising space in the online conference booklet.

  • Exhibitor registration includes two conference registrations and lunches for both Friday and Saturday.

    • Tickets for Friday night’s banquet are NOT included in registration. Banquet tickets can be purchased for $25 a person.

  • All exhibitors are requested to furnish AT LEAST one door prize to be presented at both the Friday and Saturday noon luncheons.

  • Deadline for getting exhibitor information into the online conference booklet is Dec. 15th.

    • Late registrations are welcome but exhibitor information may not be included in conference booklet.

Please submit image to

Goehring/Veitz Leadership Scholarship for 1st year teachers

  • Open to teachers in the first year of teaching in South Dakota

  • Provides a free conference registration to SDCTM and SDSTA members

  • Submit application with your registration

Marian Filbrandt Memorial Scholarship supports attendance for teachers in year 2-5 of their teaching career. (Application deadline Dec. 1)