Fall 2018 - Daily Plans & Assignments

See "Fall Plans - days gone by" page for plans and assignments older than what is posted here.

Monday, 11-19: Prose essay tests back today.

A: See the prose essay PQP work on Classroom. Due Monday. 
Also, read Hamlet, Act 1, scenes 4 and 5 for tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 11-20: Hamlet, day 6: Finish discussion of 1.4 and 1.5

DVD rest of Act I. 25 min.

Wednesday, 11-21 through Friday, 11-23: no school

Monday, 11-26: TBA

Tuesday, 11-27: Hamlet, day 7. Act II.

Wednesday, 11-28: Hamlet, day 8. Act II work.

A: Finish reading Act 2. Complete "2.2 'Rogue and peasant slave' soliloquy" work for tomorrow. No late work.

Thursday, 11-29: Hamlet, day 9. Act II discussion.

DVD Act II. (11 min.)

A: Complete the c/c of the "rogue and peasant slave" soliloquy performances. See GC. NO LATE WORK!

Friday, 11-30: TBA

WEEK : (very much subject to change - check back frequently)

Monday, 12-3: Hamlet, day 10. DVD Act II. (27 min.)

WTJ: Film, Act II: Write a hearty, well-conceived and detailed reaction to the film interpretation of Act II.

Share c/c "rogue and peasant slave" soliloquy work.

Tuesday, 12-4: Hamlet, day 11.

Act III work: "To Be or Not to Be" paraphrase. Complete this work posted on GC in class.

A: Finish the five questions (and whatever you do not get done in class today) for Monday. No late work. (Do it all on your own if you are absent today.)

A: "C/C To be performances" See GC. For Monday, no late work.

Wednesday, 12-5: Hamlet, day 12. Paraphrase performances; share c/c of performances from assignment. Read rest of 3.1 together.

Thursday, 12-6 Hamlet, day 13. Act 3 discussion.

"C/C To a nunnery"

Branagh, Sc. 1, 14 min.

Friday, 12-7: TBA

WEEK : (very much subject to change - check back frequently)

Monday, 12-10: Hamlet, day 14. Discussion, and then DVD Act 3.2 and 3.3. (27 min)

Tuesday, 12-11: Hamlet, day 15. Act 3 discussion. Finish DVD Act 3.4. (13 min) with Act 3.4 viewing guide (handout). If you are absent, read the scene and answer the questions posted on GC. We also watched/read 4.1.

A: Read Act 4.1 through 4.3; complete the 4 questions for Scenes 1 and 3 on the Classroom assignment for ______. (We did scene 1 question in class). Will be used in discussion. No late work.

Wednesday, 12-12: Hamlet, day 16. Discuss Act IV. Film Act 4.2-5 (13 min)

A: Finish reading Act 4 and complete the writing for scenes 4 and 7.

Thursday, 12-13: Hamlet, day 17.

Film Act 4.6 - 4.7 (15 min.)

A: Complete the Character Analysis section of the Act 4 assignment for Tuesday. TURN IN the Act 4 assignment on Classroom when done.

Friday, 12-14: TBA

Monday, 12-17: Today will be the last day for soliloquy recitation

Hamlet, day 18. Act 5.1. Film interpretation 5.1+ (22 min.)

A: 1. Finish reading the play by tomorrow.

2. Lecture assignment. See GC for details. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.

Tuesday, 12-18: Hamlet, day 19. Act 5.2. Finish film interpretation Act V. (35 min.)

Wednesday, 12-19: Lecture assignment due today. Hamlet essay test

Thursday, 12-20: tba

Friday, 12-21: Winter break begins