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5 Holzwarth

5th and 6th Grade Grammar and Writing

Throughout the two years, students will work on their growth mindset which will not only be beneficial in school but also in everyday life.  Students will be creating narratives, writing opinion/argumentative essays, and writing informational essays.  Learning the basics of grammar and  understanding the mechanics of our language will also be part of the class.  Students will be challenged and become well rounded individuals.




About me

I have been teaching in Parker for 15 years.  5th and 6th grade language arts have been my core subjects  throughout my years in Parker. Teaching in a small community is rewarding as you get to see your previous students develop into young adults.

My husband, Todd, and I have three grown children. Our oldest child, Haley, is an architect for JLG in Sioux Falls. Josie, our second daughter, works for Jane Rae Events and is also in Sioux Falls. Landri, our son, is in his second year at NDSU and studying Business Economics. Todd works for Bell Bank and travels throughout the five state area for work. We enjoy spending time together playing games, golfing, shopping, and traveling.