Ms Fawthrop's Grade 6/7 Page

Where Did September Go?

It's hard to believe that the first month of school has already flown by. We have spent a lot of time this month building our community, learning about each other and establish expectations. We often start the day with a circle. During our circle everyone is given the opportunity to share their thoughts about topics related to different aspects of our curriculum, as well as their reflections about their learning and our classroom environment. Through this process, students are learning to be good listeners, to value each others opinions, and to develop confidence when contributing to classroom discussions.

Here is a brief summary of what we have been exploring in different subject areas:


  • review of numeration concepts (place values, decimal numbers, ordering and comparing numbers, rounding numbers)
  • using, reading and writing numbers in the millions, and to the thousandth place
  • review of multiplication and division strategies and procedures
  • application of numeration concepts and operational sense through problem solving
  • converting units of measurement from smaller to larger units and vice versa (m to km; L to mL)

Physical Education:

  • Soccer skills (twice a week)
  • Personal Fitness (Wednesdays)
  • Cooperative games (once a week)
  • Low Organization Game/ Class choice (once a week)


Grade 7: Interactions in the environment

  • Distinguishing between biotic and abiotic elements of an ecosystem
  • Exploring the role of and interactions between producers, consumers and decomposers
  • Exploring Food chains and the impact of the status of one species on another

Grade 6: Biodiversity

  • Identifying and describing the key characteristics of the 5 kingdoms of the scientific classification system
  • Classifying organisms through key characteristics
  • Distinguishing between behavioural and physical adaptations
  • Discussing the need for biodiversity and the relationships between different types of living things


  • Self- Selected reading and reading logs
  • Book Club (students chose from a selection of 12 novels to read; after completing the novel, students have a group meeting to discuss their opinions and connections to the novel
  • Reading for information (through science texts and articles)
  • Identifying organizational features of non-fiction texts and using these to find, question and summarize key information


  • Descriptive Essays
  • Magazine Project (designing a cover, writing an article, creating other features such as advertisements)

Social Studies/ Geography/ History:

We will begin our units in these subjects next week.

Welcome visitors!

September 4, 2018

As the school year progresses, I will be adding to the various pages in this website, so that students, parents, guardians and colleagues can have a peak at what we are doing in our room. In anticipation of our first day, the classroom is organized but the walls are bare. I am looking forward to devoting lots of time to getting to know each other, building our classroom community, designing our space and getting to know each other. The work that we do this week, the expectations and relationships that we culture will allow us to do many great things this year. I am looking forward to an exciting year of student-driven and authentic project-based learning, which will be documented in this space and student sites that are soon to come.

Copy of Grade 6-7 schedule Revised September 11 2018