School Community Council

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Welcome to Holomua Navigators (School Community Council)

The purpose of the Holomua Navigators (S.C.C.) shall be to provide a means by which all role groups within the school's community can be heard in order to collaboratively promote quality education for our students in a safe and creative environment where maximum learning occurs.

The Holomua Navigators shall:

•Uphold the vision of Holomua Elementary;

•Focus on what is best for the education of students and their well-being;

•Commit to involve appropriate stakeholders in the decision-making process;

•Serve in a policy making capacity committed to shared decision-making with roles and responsibilities as stated in Article IV.

The objectives of the Holomua Navigators shall be in accordance with State guidelines and be consistent with policies of the Board of Education.

Section 1. To advise the school regarding the planning, budgeting, implementation and evaluation of the academic and financial plan.

Section 2. To ensure the school's academic and financial plan is aligned with the educational accountability system.

Section 3. To study and develop the school’s multi-year plan in relation to the educational needs of the students.

Section 4. To provide collaborative opportunities for input and consultation.

Section 5. To take other actions as required by the Department of Education.

The principal is responsible for the development of the academic and financial plan and presentation of the plan to the school community and SCC. The plan is reviewed and evaluated by the SCC. The SCC will provide recommendations for revision or recommend the plan for approval by the Complex Area Superintendent.

The SCC shall have ongoing responsibility to review the implementation of the plan with the principal, assess periodically the effectiveness of the plan and recommend modifications to the plan.

The SCC shall carry out all of the duties and responsibilities assigned to it by the Hawaii Department of Education.