All The Things!

Aloha AVID and Technology Students in 7th and 8th grades. Our work during this time is going to be... interesting. Let's keep ourselves excited about learning and keep a growth mindset and we will all get through this together! I will be offering a variety of activities that you can choose from to activate your brain in a digital or analog format. Check in Google Classroom for updates. Remember that the priority during this time is to keep you and your family safe, and make sure you have what you need. Please send me an email at if you need something - school related or otherwise and we'll see what we can do to help. If you need help or are having a tough time, reach out! Here is our KMS counselor's website with resources and contact information. If you need to find your other classes online, click here!

Innovative Website of the Day is: Tinkercad

Make 3D objects

Read a Book! Click Here for My Book of the Week Club. (E-Book is free online - click for details)

Starting this Friday each class will have a unique meeting time using Google Meet. Click on the correct class below to join. We will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Links are also always available in Google Classroom.

AVID 8 at 3pm

AVID 7 at 3:30pm

Computer 7 at 4pm

Computer 8 at 4:30pm

Need to reach me by phone? Text me FIRST at 808-93eight-3eight53 with your name so that I can give you a thumbs up and will call you back OR give you the next time that I am available. Sometimes I might be on another call, or online. You can always text me, just be sure I know who you are with a "Hi this is... " at least the first time you text.

Join us in creating a map of the plants in our community. Take a photo and pin where you saw the plant on the map! See what plants are around you, and see where you can go to see interesting ones in your neighborhood. Remember to stay away from people - but do get out and get some exercise. Click here for the map.

Admiring my Unicorn? Check out the tutorial here....

Want MORE Things? Check out Archive.Org for free books and resources to keep you busy... You will need to create an account, but there are thousands of resources to search from websites to books and everything in between. Have fun!

Here is a favorite Origami book of mine that is always available from If you need help with an origami model, send me a message and I can Zoom you some help!

Check out my next Project - Amigurumi.... What is it? Search it up people, search it up...