Mad libs

Mad LIBS from Fairy Tales

  1. Once upon a time there was a dear (size) (noun) who was (past-tense verb) by everyone who (past-tense verb) at (him/her/it), but most of all by (his/her/its) (noun), and there was nothing that (he/she/it) would not have given to the (noun). Once (he/she/it) gave (him/her/it) a (size) (verb) (noun) of (color) (cloth type), which suited (him/her/it) so (adjective) that (he/she/it) would never (verb) anything else; so (he/she/it) was always (verb) '(size) (color) (verb) (noun).'
  2. Once upon a time there lived a poor (noun) and (his/her/its) (relation) (name). One day, (name)’s (relation) told (her/him/it) to (future-tense verb) their only (noun). (name) went to the (place) and on the way (he/she/it) met a (noun) who wanted to buy (his/her/it's) (noun). (name) (verb), “What will you give me in return for my (noun)?” The (noun) (verb), “I will give you (number) (verb) (noun)!” (name) (verb) the (verb) (noun) and (verb) the (noun) the (noun). But when (he/she/it) reached (place), (name)’s (relation) was very (feeling). (She/he/it) (verb), “You (adjective)! (He/she/it) (past-tense verb) your (noun) and (past-tense verb) you (number) (noun)!” (She/he/it) (verb) the (noun) out of the (noun). (name) was very (feeling) and went to (place) without (noun).