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Meet the staff

Meet Emily Flanagan

I'm Emily Flanagan and I am currently an eighth grader. I joined Gazette three years ago in sixth grade. Gazette is my favorite after school activity and I want to continue writing for a newspaper when I go to high school next year. Outside of school I play soccer, tap dance competitively, and I ski over the winter. I don't spend all of my time writing and doing after school activities I love to do normal teenager stuff like go to the mall and watch tv. I write stories about everything, students, teachers, around town, and around the school events. I like to write stories about all the cool stuff we do at Wood Hill because I have friends at other schools who don't do all the fun stuff we do. You can check out my stories under each of the headings. I hope you continue to read the Gazette!

Meet Emma Capaldi

My name is Emma Capaldi and I am in sixth grade. I joined Gazette this year and have been doing it for about six months now. In the future I would like to continue writing in seventh, eighth and maybe even in high school. Outside of school I play the violin and piano, and have after school activities the whole week, including Debate Club, Crafty Corner, Knitting, and MathCounts. I like to write about events that are interesting and could help people, but I enjoy writing about Wood Hill and all the unique things we do here. I also love reading, and I do lots of extracurricular math and science. I love drawing animals and plants, and taking notes on the wildlife in my yard for research and examination. So far I have been combining my math and science to work out the average of migration times for a range of birds during spring and fall. When I get together with my friends I like to talk, draw, or observe the natural wildlife, or go out walking

Meet Tatum Ahearn

My name is Tatum Ahearn and I am in seventh grade. I joined the Gazette this year and have been writing since the begining of the year. As for writing in the future, I would like to continue writing a newspaper if school and sports do not get in the way. Outside of school I like to play soccer, gymnastics, swim, and dive. My stories have information on pretty much anything. A few of my stories have been about school field trips and stuff that is happening around the school. I enjoy pretty much anything like going to the mall, hanging out with friends, traveling, and trying new things. Some of my favorite activities are cooking and exploring the world.

Meet Sharayu josh

My name is Sharayu Josh and I am in sixth grade and I joined the gazette this year. I have been on the gazette since the start of the year. As for writing in the future, I would like to continue writing for 7th and 8th grade, and maybe high school if I have time. Outside of school I do Math Counts, Pop Strings, Crafty Corner, and Debate Club. I also play Violin, Veena, Indian Harmonica, and I teach myself piano. I also do Kung-Fu, swimming, and tennis. I write stories for the Gazette about what I think people would like to read, and also what is going on so that people are kept updated. I write mainly for the Jokes, Riddles, and Quotes page and the Student Spotlight page, though I sometimes write in the Around the School page too. Besides all of that, I like reading, and I do a lot of math. I like drawing mythical creatures and other living things, but I don’t show anyone my art except for people I know really well. I like to just stay outside and watch nature, and sometimes I draw outside.

Meet Madeline Shin

My name is Madeline Shin and I am in eighth grade. I have been in the Gazette since halfway through sixth grade. A fun fact is that I can imitate a dog and hamster voice. (Note from fellow writer, she can actually do this, it is really cool, and creepy.) I attend the BYSO Orchestra as JRO member which is the third highest junior level. I attend the Tufts Philharmonic Orchestra. I’ve played the violin for six years and I play piano, guitar and drums. I also play soccer, tennis and ping-pong. I’m in the North Shore Junior Tennis League. I truly love hamsters and I head the Debate club and I do Pop Strings. I also enjoy coding, math, writing, playing video games, and reading.

Meet lisa shin

My name is Lisa Shin and I am in eighth grade. I have been doing Wood Hill Gazette for two and half years. A fun fact about me is that I can make weird voices, and some of them are crying dog noises, scientist guy, and evil screams. (Very true.) Outside of school, I go to Tufts Youth Philharmonic and attend BYSO as a JRO member. I like playing tennis, and I play on the North Shore Junior Tennis League. I have been playing violin for 8 years. I like to draw everything and speed-read. I also do the Debate Club (which my twin and I heads) and Pop Strings Club. I like programming and engineering stuff. I like all of my subjects here at Wood Hill.

Meet Mrs. Downs - advisor

My name is Sarah Downs and I am the advisor for the school newspaper, the Wood Hill Gazette. This is my fifth year in charge of the paper. I work as the school librarian and digital learning coach, and my background is in newspapers. For my first nearly 10 years of working I was a newspaper reporter and editor for Gatehouse Media, working at the Westborough News, MetroWest Daily News, Newburyport Current and Georgetown News. I love working with this awesome group of students!