An individualized and self-directed program for improvement on our instruments.

PracticeMasters is an individualized and self-directed system for always having something to practice, that will help you get what you need, when you need it. In addition to preparing performance music and group assignments in band, the students will be encouraged to keep working on the "Standard of Excellence" books. Every so often, they will reach a "benchmark" exercise, which they can submit for a rating.

Each exercise will be given a rating of 1 to 4, based on this basic rubric:

  1. It was difficult to hear much of a relationship between what was heard, and what was on the written page. Please seek extra help.
  2. The basic point of the music is demonstrated, but perhaps due to too many wrong notes, misunderstood rhythms, a lack of steady pulse, or too many stops and/or restarts, we should try this one again.
  3. While there may have been a couple of minor issues, the level of achievement reflects appropriate preparation.
  4. An excellent and musical performance with great pulse control, accurate notes and rhythms, and excellent tone.

A rating of 3 or 4 is considered a passing score. Once all the exercises have passing marks, the student will take an on-line "exit quiz". It is an open book quiz, and it can be taken as many times as is needed, but a perfect score is necessary to move on to the next degree.

Each degree has its own "Google Classroom". Upon completion of a degree, the student will be automatically invited to the next degree. Below is a link to each degree's requirements.

RED BOOK - Standard of Excellence, Book 1

BLUE BOOK - Standard of Excellence, Book 2

GREEN BOOK - Standard of Excellence, Book 3