Concert Dress

Standard Concert Dress for Andover Middle and Elementary Bands is ALL BLACK.

  • If it shows, it's black.
  • It should not have visible logos, stripes, patterns, or insignia.
  • It needs to be modest and appropriate, and such that the musician can comfortably and correctly play his or her instrument.
  • When a student is in another ensemble performing in that concert, the dress required of that ensemble is always acceptable in band.
  • There will sometimes be specific events in which there are exceptions to these dress guidelines.

Lookin' good!

Not so much.

So close, yet so far...

We are fully mindful of the fact that young musicians are often at a point in life where a really nice pair of black dress slacks and shoes are not only expensive, but we are lucky to get two wearings out of them. The truth is that with a little bit of planning and a swing through Marshall's or Wal-Mart will produce a nice black t-shirt and pants, and clean black athletic shoes can be more than suitable. Just do your best, and let us know if there are any difficulties. With enough planning time, we have lots of options.