QUESTION :"That recorder sound is way too loud! Can you practice in the garden shed or Philadelphia or something???"

ANSWER: "Mr. Wright says it's a 'different kind of beautiful!" (and then keep on practicing!)



In our recorder class, we meet once a week. Our goals include…

-Learning about this new instrument, and how to play it.

-Learning to play together as a group.

-Playing on our own.

-Understanding and using music notation.

Preparing a performance.

Mistakes are not only allowed. They are encouraged.

My hope is that you will have a fun, rewarding experience with music, and that you will be able to count on my patience, and the patience of your classmates. Sometimes learning the reorder isn’t easy, and you have to make a few mistakes in order to get better. Sometimes mistakes are funny, and we can all laugh together, but I want you never to feel like someone is laughing AT you!