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Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Andover Middle School English and Library Departments are happy to announce the 2018 selections for summer reading. All incoming middle school students are required to participate in this important activity. Students should be prepared to begin the school year ready to address their reading selection in English class. Students are encouraged to purchase their chosen text and bring it with them to school at the start of the year. A limited number of texts will be available at the Memorial Hall Library.

The Andover Public Schools’ summer reading program is rooted in research that suggests students should be reading 20-30 minutes a day to support academic success. Students who do not read in the summer are in danger of having their skills regress. Furthermore, we believe summer reading should:

*Promote a life-long love for reading informed by the power of student choice

*Sharpen students’ reading and critical thinking skills

*Give students an opportunity to start the school year by building community through a shared experience

Students must select any ONE of the choices listed for the grade they are entering. This list of choices includes works in many genres as well as titles that are accessible to students of varying interests and reading abilities. Links to the choices and information about each book are available on this site. We encourage you and your student to look at this list together to find the book that best meets your child’s interests and skills.

Students are welcome to read as many books on the list as they would like. Additionally, the town librarians have made lists of suggested additional titles if students would like to read more once they have completed their choice from the Andover Middle School list.

We appreciate your support at home with summer reading and encourage you to read with your child.


The Andover Middle School English and Library Departments

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