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Welcome Andover Community Members!

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Community Updates


No Saturday school day would be complete without a visit from the Sweatersaurus!


A warm welcome to our Art Room Emotional Support Giraffe! The Giraffe became an official member of our Art community during quarter three. The Giraffe does not have one specific name as the role of Emotional Support Giraffe requires an ability to take on the identity most comforting to the person seeking support.

Stop by Rm 113 to meet the Giraffe!


Congratulations to 6th grader, Isabella Caser, for creating the backdrop inspiration for the 8A Poetry Slam!

The Poetry Slam was a great success! Thank you to all student volunteers who helped create the stage backdrop, particularly members of teams 8A, 8B, and Artists Take Action. Congratulations to the winning poets:

1st Place - Shayla Stinson 2nd Place - Stella Shen 3rd Place - Jack de Mersseman

The Poetry Slam 8' x 20' backdrop is currently on display in the DMS front foyer. Check it out!

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