Bancroft Physical Education

Welcome to Bancroft Elementary's Physical Education website. Here you can find useful links and activities to keep learning alive during our time apart!

As Physical Educators in Andover Public Schools, it is our mission to promote activity and healthy habits to our students, while fostering lifelong health and fitness in a safe environment.

If you have any questions or would like to share how you are staying active please feel free to email us at:

Mr. Stephens:

Mr. Rex:

Ms. D'Amato:

A note from Mr. Sudak: Please click the button above to access Andover's Adapted Physical Education resources

Fitness Calendar Activities.pdf

Check out this activity calendar and see how many activities you can complete each week.

Try these scavenger hunts adapted from Open Phys. Ed and Wakefield P.E.

Try this activity from our P.E. friends over at High Plain!

Work on some hand striking and fitness with this challenge!

Create your own maze! This clip used movies, but you could also use books , Legos, pillows etc. Be creative! Give yourself a challenge and time yourself.

It's like the game "Simon". All you need is paper. If you do not have colorful paper, you can color in to make your own..or use numbers instead!

At home P.E. Scavenger Hunt.docx

See how many tasks you can complete on our P.E. scavenger hunt!

See if you can use this fitness code to spell out your first name.

Bonus challenges:

Spell your last name

Spell Bancroft

Spell Andover

What is your favorite activity? ...Spell out your answer!

Here is a clip of a P. E. teacher from Texas demonstrating an at home underhand rolling activity using a clean pair socks, a chair, and a deck of cards. If you do not have cards you can use paper or post it creative!

Here you will find "Lazy Monster" which is a warm up we use occasionally with our K-2 students, but any grade is welcome to try! See if you can finish the work out!

Are you up to the Avengers Fitness challenge?! This Avengers themed fitness video was created by "Glen Higgins Fitness" and is focused around all of our favorite Avengers.

You can use any flat smooth safe surface in your home, but please ask permission from your adults at home first. You could also use any type of plastic lid for the puck, it does not need to be peanut butter!

Thanks to Ms. Barclay for this great activity!

Instead of using Legos as your bricks you could use anything you can safely stack (plastic cups, blocks, stuffed animals, etc. )