Dear Andover Families,

We hope that you are all well and safe. During this time of uncertainty and school closures, we know how trying it is for you and your children. The Student Services Department has developed a website to provide multi-sensory, accessible learning opportunities for our children at home. In order to insure the activities on this site are accessible for the broadest audience possible, we have taken several things into consideration:

  • Activities were built or curated based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning. As such, most of them have multiple entry points and various levels of support such as videos and screen readers.

  • Activities are free or almost free.

  • Hands-on activities either require no materials or readily available materials.

  • We have minimized the use of worksheets and other printed materials.

By design, the activities are not organized by grade level. All students are unique individuals with a wide variety of interests, strengths, and needs. If you would like assistance finding activities that are appropriate for your child, please reach out to your child’s case manager, ETF, or one of us. We are all available to help during this time. Check back here, as we will continue to add resources.

Stay well and safe.

Best regards,

Sara and Nancy


Social Story for Older Students