iPad App Purchasing Policies

A. Apple Volume Purchase Program (AVPP)

    1. AVPP allows for volume purchases of Apple iOS software applications (apps). There is a 50% discounts on purchases of 20 or more licenses on individual iOS apps. Discount does not apply to all apps, it is determined by the app developer.
    2. AVPP allows for the use of a variety of payment methods
    3. AVPP honors the district tax-exempt status. Regular App Store does not.
    4. AVPP is managed by the Office of Digital Learning

B. Deployment of iOS Apps

    1. Student iPads will only obtain iOS apps from the district and the AVPP Program, regardless if they are free or paid iOS apps. Requests for student iOS apps will be communicated by filling out the appropriate online request form located on the APS EdTech App Website. Apps will be purchased on a schedule determined by the district and will be loaded onto student iPads by the IT staff through the districts MDM tool (Mobile Device Management).
    2. Staff iPads will obtain iOS apps through the district Mobile Device Management System (MDM)
        • Free iOS apps and Paid iOS apps - should be submitted by filling out the appropriate request form.
        • Apps will be purchased on a schedule determined by the district* (after the approval of Building Principal, Program Advisor, Department Head) and will be download/install directly to the iPads via the district MDM.
        • Specific apps will be supported through district funds (please see district supported app list). All other apps will be the responsibility of the building.
        • Apps will be distributed on the 1st Friday of each month. App requests will need to be received by the first of the month to receive them as part of the distribution, so please plan accordingly. *
        • Any staff member receiving an iPad, must complete and sign an iPad Use Agreement which will be kept on file with the district.

C. iPad Additional Information

    1. iPads are owned by the Andover Public School district and are subject to all district policies, procedures and guideline
    2. Users will adhere to the APS Acceptable Use Policy and the APS iPad Use Agreement for Staff.
    3. iPads are to support the educational mission of the school district. Modifying the iPad for the use of personal iTunes accounts to install additional iOS apps, games, music or videos that have not been approved or purchased by APS is prohibited.
    4. Approved iOS apps will be made available on a predetermined schedule. Purchasing iOS apps on a limited schedule allows app purchases to be bundled to gain maximum pricing discounts and allow for uniform management of app installations. The schedule for iOS app deployments will be published at the beginning of each school year.
    5. An App license needs to be purchased for each device that will be using the App.
    6. iPads must be purchased with covers and Apple Care.
    7. It will be the buildings responsibility to pay for damaged or broken iPads. All iPads need to be sent back to Apple for repairs and replacement. When an iPad has been damaged a work order should be put it for repair. (Unfortunately the district does not have spare iPads).