Software Procurement Guidelines

Software is different from other purchases because it can require licensing and support. Often, it is intangible and web-based.

It is extremely important that all software purchases be approved by the Andover Public School System for:

      1. Alignment with the Andover Performance Standards (Instructional Software)
      2. The learning styles of students (Instructional Software)
      3. Evidence of effectiveness
      4. Total cost of ownership
      5. Manufacturer support
      6. Compatibility with the APS network (including bandwidth and hardwar requirements)

Before using any application in district, teachers should make sure they are approved for use based on privacy, funding, etc.

For a full list of District Approved Apps

Please contact your building Digital Learning Coach or the Office of Digital Learning if you have any questions or need assistance determining if an application is approved for district use.

Instructional Software Guidelines

Individual schools or teachers should not use software unless it has met approval. Schools, Departments or employees requesting specific software must submit a Software Request/Evaluation Form. This form will be reviewed by the appropriate subject area Program Advisors/Principal or Director. After the Director or Program Advisors/Principal approves the form, it will be submitted to the Digital Learning Department/Technology Department to determine network compatibility. After receiving approval from both Digital Learning and Technology, the school, department or employee can proceed forward with a requisition that will be submitted to the Office of Digital Learning.

Support Software Guidelines

Departments, Schools or Individuals requesting support software must have the approval of the Digital Learning. This type of software must not duplicate services of other software and must meet network specifications.

Software Management

Licensed software must only be added to the machine for which it is purchased. All software is copyrighted and APS complies with the Federal Copyright Laws so software may not be duplicated except for backup and archival purposes.

• Only properly licensed and/or registered software will be loaded on APS-owned computers.

• Software acquired at APS expense shall not be copied onto any non-district computer unless specifically authorized by the license agreement.

There are different types of licenses:

a) Site License - under a site license, usually a designated quantity of individual computers are allowed to use a copy of the software.

b) Network License - a network license is based on a maximum number of concurrent users.

c) Single License - a Single license is generally for just one specific computer. A copy is usually allowed to be made for back-up purposes.

software ordering flowchart (1).pdf

Download a copy of Software Flowchart