Summer Reading

Andover Public Schools

Dear Readers,

We are wishing you a relaxing summer full of adventures in reading! Below, you will find digital reading lists that link to your accounts in Epic! You will also find Summer Reading Calendars with TONS of fun ideas. K-1 Readers will also find a printable Reading Journal to keep stretching your Writing and Drawing muscles.

Whatever you decide to read this summer, we hope it brings you JOY and HAPPINESS.


Your Teachers at Andover Public Schools

Incoming Kindergarten and Grade 1

Book Club

GrK-1 Summer Reading List

summer calendar

GrK-1 Summer Reading Calendar

summer journal (more writing space)

GrK-1 Summer Reading Journal

Includes more writing space!

Summer Journal (more drawing space)

GrK-1 Summer Reading Journal

Includes more drawing space!

Incoming Grade 2 and Grade 3

Copy for New Additions of Dive Right In & Make a Splash! Summer Reading Challenge Grades 2 & 3: Digital Texts

Gr2-3 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Calendar - Grades 2 and 3

Gr2-3 Summer Reading Calendar

Incoming Grade 4 and Grade 5

Summer Reading grades 4 and 5 digital texts

Gr4-5 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Calendar - Grades 4 and 5

Gr4-5 Summer Reading Calendar

APS Collaboration with Memorial Hall Library

Elementary Libraries Collaborate with Memorial Hall Library to bring you MORE Summer Reading!

Click Here for more information.

Resources for Early Literacy

PreK/Early Literacy Resources

Pre-K students and students with emerging literacy skills will benefit from the resources on this page.

This page has been collaboratively developed by the APS K-5 ELA Curriculum Leaders: Colleen Dolan, Kelly Dougherty, Krista Galligani, Lauren Leary, Veronica McLean, and Ellen Zrike.

For more Literacy Resources, visit the APS At-Home Learning/ Literacy PK-5 site (Click here.)

For questions about these Summer Reading Offerings, contact Sara Calleja, PK-5 Literacy Program Coordinator, at sara.calleja@andoverma.us