Andover Public Schools is committed to serving our community during this unprecedented time.

The APS At-Home Learning Activities are not meant to replicate the traditional school day; rather, they are a way to provide continuity of learning for our students during this uncertain time. To help families assist their children in maintaining their skills while our schools are closed, we will update the site regularly with new activities. We encourage you to check back often to see what is new and to help your children continue to be excited about learning.

Our administrators and coordinators, have been working to provide resources for our next steps. We are being thoughtful about issues related to equity and addressing the needs of all students as we plan. We also have to be balanced and thoughtful about the expectations we hold for our students and ourselves at this challenging time, understanding the limitations and opportunities we are all confronting.

The goal of this site is to organize and offer teachers, students, and families the support they need during this extended closure.

A Message from Dr. Berman, Superintendent of Schools

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