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MS 51 Technology Schedule

Computer Lab Policies

  • DO show up for your scheduled time or delete your class from the calendar immediately if you need to cancel.
  • DO NOT bring your class to the lab if they are not officially on the lab calendar. Individual students and small groups are NOT permitted in the lab without a teacher. Send individuals and small groups to the library with a pass!
  • DO see Ms. Ahart if you have any problems with booking dates. You can reserve the lab up to two months in advance but be mindful that it is a busy shared space.
  • DO see Ms. Ahart about using the library if the lab is busy when you need it. Between laptop and desktop computers, the library can also accommodate a full class of students with tech needs. You can book a class in the library in person, by phone at x. 3331, or by email to
  • PLEASE report any problems with lab equipment with an IT Service Request Form.

Laptop Cart Policies

Sign up online to use one of our laptop carts! Each cart holds 20 laptops.

Laptop Cart A: 1st floor, Room 103 (Galang)

Laptop Cart B: 2nd floor, Room 234 (De Meo)

Laptop Cart C: 3rd floor, Room 340 (Santarpia)


  • The entire cart must be checked out as a unit. Please do not circulate individual laptops from the cart outside your classroom.
  • Only check out the cart for your floor. Carts should not travel on the elevator unless the 1st floor cart is needed in the basement.
  • Do your best to pick up and return the cart during homeroom times: AM or PM homeroom, lunch, or Project REAL. Please do NOT send students to move the cart.
  • Laptops must be docked properly in numbered order and charging and cart must be locked when not in use.
  • Report all problems with laptops by opening an IT Service Request Form. Make sure you tell us the number of the laptop in the ticket.