(Diversity, Unity & Equity Team)

The ABCs of MS51:

  • Achievement, because all students are up to the task and can grow

  • Belonging, because we affirm every child, their family and their community

  • Commitment, because it takes all of us working together to build an equitable community E

Welcome to MS 51’s DUET:

Diversity Unity & Equity Team!

Duet plays a vital role in shaping a school culture that promotes an inclusive, diverse, and equitable learning environment. All are welcome to join DUET's monthly meetings and engage in planning events and initiatives to facilitate DUET's mission--supporting an academic program that will allow all students to excel, celebrating the diversity of our community, and giving our students an opportunity to learn from each other.

Our monthly meetings Include:

  • Family and faulty discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Planning for the One Book, One School Program

  • Developing ideas for inclusive academic programing (e.g., Black Lives Matter week)

  • planning monthly cultural celebrations 9e.g., Hispanic Heritage Month, Diwali, Lunar New Year)

  • And we welcome your ideas!

We hold meetings monthly (see our meeting dates below) and all MS 51 community members are welcome to join at any time! if you need interpretation in Spanish and Mandarin, please let us know before the meeting by emails us at DUET@k051.org!

2021-22 virtual meeting dates Tuesdays 10/26, 11/30, 12/21, 01/25, 02/15, 03/22, 04/26, 05/24, 06/21 at 5:30 pm Everybody is welcome.

Email DUET to get involved!

多元聯合公平小組(DUET)委員會使命和「成就歸屬承諾」ABCs)2019 年 7 月 9 日

多元聯合公平小組的使命:多元聯合公平小組將在營造一個促進包容、多元、公平學習環境的校 園文化這一方面發揮非常重要的作用。MS 51 全體學生應該有歸屬感,並覺得他們的經歷和觀點 是重要的。MS 51 所有家庭均受歡迎,他們的聲音很重要。

MS 51 的「成就歸屬承諾」




MS 51 多元聯合公平小組製。歡迎所有人——加入我們吧!

Misión y principios del comité de DUET 9/jul/19 Misión de DUET:

DUET jugará un papel crucial en plasmar una cultura escolar que promueva un ambiente educativo inclusivo, diverso y equitativo. Todos los estudiantes de M.S. 51 deberán sentir que pertenecen y que sus experiencias y perspectivas son importantes. Todas las familias de M.S. 51 son bienvenidas y sus voces y opiniones cuentan.

Principios de M.S. 51:

Superación, porque todos los estudiantes están a la altura de las circunstancias y pueden desarrollarse.

Sentido de pertenencia, porque valoramos a cada niño, su familia y su comunidad.

Compromiso, porque se requiere el esfuerzo de todos, trabajando unidos para crear una comunidad equitativa.

Elaborado por el Equipo de diversidad, unidad y equidad de M.S. 51 (DUET). Sean todos bienvenidos. ¡Únanse a nosotros!

Resources & Suggested Reading/Viewing: