8th Grade

High School Application Process:

Grade 8 Counselor Mr. Phillips jphilli7@schools.nyc.gov

8th Grade Parents First Phase of High School Informatuion

Yesterday Office of Enrollment explained the new high school application process. All applications will now be completed online by families. Our team of counselors and parent coordinator are going to assist everyone with the new changes. Below is an explanation of the first set of steps.

  1. Parents will receive a letter in their home language from the Dept of Education explaining the process of signing up for your child's individual "MySchool" account. This letter will include a code that you must use to open the account. You may also need your child's school identification or OSIS number. This number is located on report cards, schedules and many other MS51 documents.
  2. Once opened, you will see several tabs which contain information for the various steps to the high process i.e the SHSAT & Laguardia sign up, an online HS directory and school finder app along with the actual application for the 12 choices.
  3. The first step for families is to take the tutorials on the site and see how helpful this site can be for this process--there is alot of information and ultimately once we are all comfortable utilizing the online system, we know it will be manageable and convenient.
  4. The students page will be updated to include report card grades and test scores in late October. currently you will see the identifying information, (DOB, address) Please check that it is correct. Errors can be reported to Mr Phillips.
  5. The High School Information Night will be held Sept 26th 6-8pm It would be helpful if you had attempted to access your MYSchools account and perhaps even explore signing up for SHSAT/LaGuardia if you are interested. DO NOT BE AFRAID of the new system, any errors will be easily corrected.

J. Phillips

School Counselor

William Alexander Middle School 51

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MS51 BDN# 15K051

Bard HS Early College

Beacon High School

  • Open house for Brooklyn, no registration

Nest + m

NYC I-School

LaGuardia HS

Edward R. Murrow HS

  • Edward R. Murrow For tours visit website frequently here

Talent Unlimited

  • Tours and open house information

Senior Activities

Senior Activity Standards

The criteria to be able to attend/participate in any SENIOR ACTIVITY are as follows:

  • You MUST be PASSING to be able to attned a SENIOR ACTIVITY. Passing for MS 51 means that you did not fail (below a 65) any subjects
  • You are a trustworthy, respectful, well behaved students. Any teacher or administrator can remove a student based on section sheets or pupil path anecdotals.
  • You arrive on time for school and you have an acceptable record of attendance. Excessive unexcused lateness and/or absences will lead to a removal from acitivities
  • You take pride in your education and don't have any "N"s or "U"s on your report cards. Two "N"s or one "U" is an automatic removal from activities

These are our Grade 8 Expectations. Not only do we follow these for senior activities participation but your teachers also follow this for regular class trips. Remember, participating in senior activities is a privilege and reward for hardworking and deserving students. it is NOT a right.

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