6th Grade

6th Grade Administrators

Assistant Principal Nance Speth

Guidance Counselor Kristine Bosco

(718)369-7603 ext 1311

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Breakthrough New York

TEAK Fellowship

TEAK is a free academic and leadership development program that identifies exceptional 6th graders from under-resourced communities and provides them with equal access to the nation's finest schools. 100% of our students attend selective high schools and go on to attend competitive universities, including Ivy League institutions.

Qualified students must:

• Be a NYC resident enrolled in sixth-grade in the 2018-2019 academic year

• Achieved 4'rs or 90% or above in all academic classes

• Scored 3's & 4's on 5th-grade state exams in ELA and Math

• Come from families with financial need (income approximately $25,000 or less per household member)

• Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States (parent status not required)

• Have strong attendance and punctuality record

Hunter College High School Admissions

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Prep for Prep

(Criteria 6th Grades)

Prep for Prep helps students enroll and thrive in premier independent schools (commonly known as private schools) in New York City and boarding schools across the Northeast. To ensure our students' success at their schools, we prepare them in advance of their placement through an intensive 14-month academic program. Throughout their educational career, Prep for Prep supports its students' development by providing academic and social guidance, leadership development opportunities, college guidance, and undergraduate support.

Applications/Nominations to Prep for Prep are encouraged for students who meet the following criteria:

· Of African American, Latino, Asian or multiracial descent;

· Currently in sixth grade attending a New York City area public, charter, or parochial school;

· Sixth grade students must have a scaled score of 609 or above on the New York State ELA reading exam AND a 611 or above on the New York State Math exam administered during the 2018 - 2019 academic year.

· Student has stellar attendance and punctuality record.

· An overall average of 90% or above or mostly 4’s on final 5th grade report card.

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