6th Grade

Incoming 6th Graders

Nance Speth, 6th Grade Assistant Principal

Kristine Bosco, 6th Grade Guidance Counselor

Important Documents

Breakthrough New York

Prep for Prep (Criteria 6th Grades)

Applications/Nominations to Prep for Prep are encouraged for students who meet the following criteria:

Of African American, Latino, Asian or multiracial descent;

Currently in sixth grade attending a New York City area public, charter, or parochial school;

Sixth grade students must have a scaled score of 332 or above on the New York State ELA reading exam AND a 335 or above on the New York State Math exam administered during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Student has stellar attendance and punctuality record.

If Student does not meet testing criteria but has demonstrated academic achievement through most recent report card grades (3’s and 4’s/90th percentile and above) you may be eligible to apply.

For more information visit www.prepforprep.org

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