Talent Departments

Our award-winning talent program is the result of our uniquely talented and experienced teaching artists creating fabulous program over the past 15 yeas. Our talent selection includes: Vocal Music, Drama, Instrumental Music, Dance, Photography and Fine Arts. Students are immersed in their talent four periods per week over three years and many talents require additional time commitments for rehearsal, travel and performances. Once admitted to MS 51, students audition for their talent of choice. Performances and art exhibitions happen throughout the year. Our talented students audition for and are accepted to the most competitive, top performing, arts high schools in NYC.


6th grade curriculum includes Ballet and Modern dance technique, as well as composition and improvisation

7th grade curriculum includes West African and Caribbean Folk forms, Jazz, and Dance History

8th grade curriculum includes Ballet and Contemporary, Musical Theater Jazz and Hip-Hop

Additional Dance Company programs offered for advanced students



6th Graders: study clowning, process drama, and have their first full

length play.

7th Graders: write 20 page plays, perform their second play, and

perform scenes from Tennessee Williams, Samuel Beckett, and August


8th Graders:study monologue intensives, Shakespeare, and create their

own final performances.

Visit Drama site ms51dramawordpress.com


Fine Art

From watercolors to sculpting

each year build on prior years skill set

preparation of portfolios for acceptance into top Art High Schools

Visit Fine Art Website ms51art.com


Instrumental Music

Brass and Woodwinds

No prior music knowledge needed go from basic to mastery by grade 8

Jazz band - Best middle school jazz band in NYC



Digital photography and darkroom

Create pin cameras and portfolios

Create and develop photos

work to edit collections

Visit photography site ms51photo.com


Vocal Music

Breath projection and enunciation for performances

Not just singing but movement and dance

All students have the opportunity to audition for solos

Scholastic Winners for Art

Inika Agarwal Gold-Drawing and Illustration

Isabell Lee Gold-Digital Art

Rajhasre Paul Gold-Sculpture, Silver-Digital Art, Hon. Men., Digital Art

Analeah Real 2 Regional Gold Keys -Drawing and Illustration

Kazi Gilman Silver-Sculpture

Ruby Gower Silver-Editorial Cartoon

Shea Hruby Silver-Drawing and Illustration

Olivia Macaba Silver Drawing and Illustration

Paige McCallion Silver-Drawing, Hon Men. Drawing

Anju Andren Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Maisy Berger Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Xi Ying (Amber) Fang Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Sligo Farrell Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Jonathan Lai Hon. Mention-Painting

Leon Lin Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Ahlani Lowe Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Rose Zeman Hon. Mention-Fashion

Adrien Otcasek Hon. Mention- Editorial Cartoon, Drawing and Illustration

Sarah Ren Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Dela Sluymer Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Margo VanEsselstyn Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Rachel Zhao Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration


Scholastic Photography Winners

Zander Bastrone Gold-Photography

Dylan Davis Gold-Photography

Ashton Deraveniere Gold-Photography

Sara Hamid Gold-Photography

Aemilla Harbutt Gold, Silver-Photography

Camille White Gold-Photography

Kesh White Gold-Photography

Juliette Ziegler Gold-Photography

Amayra Levy-Mazie Silver-Photography

Miranda Meyer Silver-Photography

Lousig Morris Silver-Photography

Angelo Arpino Hon. Mention Photography

Daniel Arturi Hon. Mention Photography

Sabine Goldberg Hon. Mention Photography

Chloe Papaconstantinou Hon. Mention Photography

Suhaylah Sirajul-Islam Hon. Mention Photography

Kamila Pitch Hon. Mention Photography

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