A gifted and talented school uniquely committed to

balancing both an intensive accelerated academic program

and an in-depth arts program.

MS 51 is a gifted and talented school located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, uniquely committed to a balance of both an intensive accelerated academic program and an in-depth, three-year arts program. At MS 51, our aim is to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of high school, with a challenging academic program aligned to a continuum based on the Common Core Learning Standards. Our students are motivated by highly effective teachers who hold high expectations and know how to engage students in advanced level curriculum. This is supplemented by an intensive focused study of one of six “talent” areas--including vocal music, drama, instrumental music, dance, photography, and fine art--in which students develop a deep connection to their talent as they explore their art and self-expression. Our academic and arts curriculum is rounded out by a strong commitment to community service, sustainability, and philanthropy, with ongoing activities and initiatives that have become infused into the culture of MS 51.


MS 51 run After School Programs:

Support Staff Donors Choose Grants

FLU Vaccines:

  • Available at our SUNY Downstate health center rm. 134. Call (718)330-9363 to schedule an appoint for your child

7th Grade Overnight Trip to Mystic Ct. June 6 & 7

6th Grade Overnight Trip to Ashokan

KAPLAN Practice SHSAT Exam

Basketball Team Schedule


  • Friday 2/9 VS Berkeley Carroll Home
  • Monday 2/12 VS MS 88 AWAY
  • Tuesday 2/13 VS MS 447 HOME
  • Wednesday 2/14 VS MS 839 HOME
  • Thursday 2/15 VS MS 707 HOME


  • Wednesday 2/28 VS MS 760 HOME
  • Friday 3/2 VS St. Francis AWAY
  • Saturday 3/3 St. Francis Tourney
  • Sunday 3/4 St. Frances Tourney

Medical Alert:

All students on crutches must have a DR's note on file. No exceptions. Especially for elevator use.

Upcoming Events

MS 51 Fundraiser:

Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls

Monday, February 26th @ 7:30 PM EST

There are still tickets to the game!

Purchase deadline: Thursday, February 22nd.

Click on link to purchase: https://groupmatics.events/event/MS51PA

Student Led Conferences

March 6, 2018

1-3 or 4:30-7:30 pm


Watch Video on Student Led Conferences here.

Principals Forum.pdf

Pennies for Patients Drive:

It is getting to be that time of year! The drive will run a little different with online by class donation options and chances to win tickets to see the METS for the class with the most online donations.

Download class donation links here!


Scholastic Winners in Art

Inika Agarwal Gold-Drawing and Illustration

Isabell Lee Gold-Digital Art

Rajhasre Paul Gold-Sculpture, Silver-Digital Art, Hon. Men., Digital Art

Analeah Real 4 Gold-Drawing and Illustration

Kazi Gilman Silver-Sculpture

Ruby Gower Silver-Editorial Cartoon

Shea Hruby Silver-Drawing and Illustration

Olivia Macaba Silver Drawing and Illustration

Paige McCallion Silver-Drawing, Hon Men. Drawing

Anju Andren Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Maisy Berger Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Xi Ying (Amber) Fang Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Sligo Farrell Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Jonathan Lai Hon. Mention-Painting

Leon Lin Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Ahlani Lowe Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Rose Zeman Hon. Mention-Fashion

Adrien Otcasek Hon. Mention- Editorial Cartoon, Drawing and Illustration

Sarah Ren Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Dela Sluymer Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Margo VanEsselstyn Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Rachel Zhao Hon. Mention-Drawing and Illustration

Scholastic Winners in Photography

Zander Bastrone Gold-Photography

Dylan Davis Gold-Photography

Ashton Deraveniere Gold-Photography

Sara Hamid Gold-Photography

Aemilla Harbutt Gold, Silver-Photography

Camille White Gold-Photography

Kesh White Gold-Photography

Juliette Ziegler Gold-Photography

Amayra Levy-Mazie Silver-Photography

Miranda Meyer Silver-Photography

Lousig Morris Silver-Photography

Angelo Arpino Hon. Mention Photography

Daniel Arturi Hon. Mention Photography

Sabine Goldberg Hon. Mention Photography

Chloe Papaconstantinou Hon. Mention Photography

Suhaylah Sirajul-Islam Hon. Mention Photography

Kamila Pitch Hon. Mention Photography

20180124_D15_Public Workshop_Flyer_Print.pdf
20180124_D15_Public Workshop_Flyers_Interactive.pdf

MS 51 GSA attends first ever GSA Summit. Stuyvesant High School. Representatives from all 5 boroughs. Over 600 middle and high school students participated.



... and best of luck to all of the applicants!

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