A gifted and talented school uniquely committed to

balancing both an intensive accelerated academic program

and an in-depth arts program.

MS 51 is a gifted and talented school located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, uniquely committed to a balance of both an intensive accelerated academic program and an in-depth, three-year arts program. At MS 51, our aim is to prepare students for the rigors and challenges of high school, with a challenging academic program aligned to a continuum based on the Common Core Learning Standards. Our students are motivated by highly effective teachers who hold high expectations and know how to engage students in advanced level curriculum. This is supplemented by an intensive focused study of one of six “talent” areas--including vocal music, drama, instrumental music, dance, photography, and fine art--in which students develop a deep connection to their talent as they explore their art and self-expression. Our academic and arts curriculum is rounded out by a strong commitment to community service, sustainability, and philanthropy, with ongoing activities and initiatives that have become infused into the culture of MS 51.

For The Fall

MS 51 run After School Programs:

Support Staff Donors Choose Grants

FLU Vaccines:

  • Available at our SUNY Downstate health center rm. 134. Call (718)330-9363 to schedule an appoint for your child

Yearbook Ads:

  • Prices until Dec. 31: 1/4 page - $55, 1/2 page - $95, Full page - $185
  • Prices starting on Jan 1: 1/4 page - $60, 1/2 page - $105 , Full page - $200
  • Purchase an ad or upload photos here

Ads are up until they sell out, which they did last year!

8th Grade Over Night Trip

Basketball Team Schedule


  • Tuesday 1/9 VS MS 442 HOME
  • Thursday 1/18 VS MS 707 HOME
  • Friday 1/26 VS MS 821 AWAY
  • Thursday 2/1 VS MS 447 HOME
  • Friday 2/2 VS MS Ber Car HOME
  • Wednesday 2/7 VS MS 88 AWAY
  • Thursday 2/15 VS MS 839 HOME


  • Thursday 1/11 VS MS 288 HOME
  • Wednesday 1/17 VS MS 383 AWAY
  • Wednesday 1/24 VS MS 447 HOME
  • Tuesday 1/30 VS MS 88 AWAY
  • Thursday 2/8 VS MS 707 HOME
  • Friday 2/16 VS MS 760 HOME

Medical Alert:

All students on crutches must have a DR's note on file. No exceptions. Especially for elevator use.

Upcoming Events


PHOTOGRAPHY - January 18 & 19 From 6-8:00 pm. Admission is $10. View hundreds of photos from our students.

Shakespeare Performance Grade 8

  • Titus Cast A Thursday, January 25 @ 7 PM
  • Titus Cast B Friday, January 26 @ 7 PM
  • Midsummer Cast C Saturday, January 27 @ 11 AM
  • Midsummer Cast D Saturday, January 27 @ 2 PM

Admission $10 at the door.

Specialized High School Information Forum Grade 6 & 7

Wednesday, Jan 24 or Monday, Jan 29 @6:30 pm

Brooklyn Technical High School Auditorium

Panel will include Office of enrollment, office of assessment, office of Equity and Access

Pre-registration required. You need only register for one session.

MS 51 Yearbook information: Needed

-Baby Photos (Title of file should be the student's name)

- Photos around school:

  • Arts/Performing Arts Shows
  • Sports events
  • Dances
  • Special days at school
  • Student Government
  • Students making/presenting projects
  • Hanging out around/in school
  • Funny photos of teachers

It's free, and can be uploaded here:


Use access code 'ms51yearbook' - it tends to work best on Chrome.


Five MS51 students were selected to attend "Stand Up, Sit Tall for Inclusion!"

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 @ The Graduate Center, CUNY 365 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10016. The event was sponsored by NYC DOE and P.I.E. (Parents for Inclusive Education)


-participated in training sessions with other middle school students from around the city

-drafted an Inclusive Summit Action plan for MS51

-took a pledge to "Accept, Respect, and Include people of all abilities, including my peers with disabilities."

- listened to closing remarks by Deputy Chancellor Division of Specialized Instruction Corinne Rello-Anselmi



... and best of luck to all of the applicants!

Click here for admissions information.

Feel free to take our virtual tour.

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Is Separate but Equal Fair?

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