About Justin

List of places I've worked as an Educator:

  • Children's Creativity Museum: I started here as an intern right out of college and quickly worked my way up to a full-time educator. I've helped design dozens of workshops and field trips around stop-motion animation, coding, early-childhood design thinking, and other topics. I mentored interns, managed daily staff schedules, and threw birthday parties on a regular basis.
  • Brooklyn Children's Museum: This museum focuses on anthropology and natural sciences, which was new for me. I became certified in live animal handling and regularly taught about the rich history of the scores of communities active in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Children's Museum of the Art, NY: While living in New York, I split my time between this museum and the Brooklyn Children's Museum. This museum employed a ton of really talented New York artists who taught me a lot about designing workshops and community outreach.
  • Community Youth Center, SF
  • California College of the Arts
  • Bay Area Video Coalition
  • Wonderful Idea Co.
  • CoachArt
  • Art & Design Thinking Camp

To go way back, I was born in Stockton, California in 1980. I lived there 8 years before my family picked up and moved a couple hours South to Visalia, CA. After an uneventful adolescence, I escaped to the Air Force, where I worked as an intelligence analyst. The US military didn't really fit my artistic sensibilities and I left as soon as they let me. I found a much more suitable home in San Francisco. I got a degree in cinema and started teaching at the Children's Creativity Museum. Since then I've worked with a bunch of different museums and other educational institutions (listed above) as well as working consistently as a freelance cartoonist and animator. You can see my personal cartoons here.