The Skyline Samaritan

This is the true account of John Doolittle.

I met John randomly in a bar about a year ago. He was only here in California for a wedding. In fact, he drove back to Texas the day after I met him.

I was sitting in a bar, working on my latest cartoon when he wandered in, clearly still shaken and ready to tell someone, probably anyone, his story. So, here's his story, exactly as he told it to me.

John and his girlfriend, Deb Marz were coming back from Deb's cousin's wedding in the Oakland Hills. Deb was driving. John was just a little drunk.

They were talking about Deb's family, most of whom had been at the wedding, when Deb saw the car, smashed violently into a big oak. Smoke was pouring from the hood. Deb instinctively pulled over and John got out of the car. As John said, "you could just tell something was very wrong."

Still, John approached the driver-side windown. Inside, he described a smelly orange "goop," dripping from the dash and smeared all over the passenger's seat. The far door was also half ajar. I imagine at this point John probably considered going back to the truck and getting the hell out of there. He didn't say that, but who wouldn't? Instead, he walked around the back of the car, a BMW by the wat