Justin Gabaldon

Chapter ONE: Stockton

I was born on Febrary 6, 1980 at Dameron Hospital in Stockton, California to Kenneth and Cindy Gabaldon. My parents are also from Stockton. They both came from extremely poor families. My dad was one of six kids. My mom, the eldest of four. My mom used to travel around the Western United States; California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho as migrant farm workers, picking fruit and vegetables wherever they could find work. My mom and dad met in the late 70s and were married within a few months. I was born the next year.

My first home was a tiny shack owned by my great grandma Clara, who lived across the street. My other great grandma, Ruth, lived in the next house over. Grandma Clara, my mom's dad's mom, whose real name was Opie, wacthed me while my parents worked. My dad worked at a lumber yard and my mom took various retail and secretary work. When my mom became pregnant with my sister Kelly, my dad found a better job at the local prison where he worked as a guard. When my sister was born we moved to a bigger house across town.

Corcoran Interlude

Chapter TWO: Dollner Street

Chapter THREE: Victor Avenue

Chapter FOUR: Newport Beach

Chapter FIVE: Main Street & The Riverside Burlesque

Elk Grove Interlude

Chapter SIX: Lackland AFB

Chapter SEVEN: Goodfellow AFB

Chapter EIGHT: Fort Gordon

VA Interlude

Chapter NINE: Glen Park

Chapter TEN: Lincoln Boulevard

Chapter ELEVEN: Shrader Street

Chapter TWELVE: Brooklyn

Closet Interlude

Chapter THIRTEEN: 24th Avenue

Chapter FOURTEEN: Half Moon Bay