Data Destruction

At Justdispose we use BitRaser®- Certified Data Erasure software by Stellar for data wiping service. BitRaser is NIST Tested and approved software for data wiping. We perform data wiping by using international standards of wiping like NIST 800-88 Clear, NIST 800-88 Purge, US DoD, German Standard, US army standard, etc.

All data wiping reports are stored securely by serial numbers. We provide data wiping reports along with a certificate of wiping for audit trail purposes. Our wiping services meet all international data wiping standards.

Data wiping service is available for Hard drives, SSD, mobile phones, loose drives, and servers. Once data is wiped from storage media, these devices can be recycled and reused again, without worrying about any data leakage.

Contact us today, if you are looking for Certified Data Wiping services.

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Pieces of HDD after crushing

Portable Hard Disk Crusher

Portable Hard Disk Degausser

Data Destruction Certificate