For hundreds of years portraits have given people eternal life. Whether you are creating a family keepsake or simply satisfying an indulgence to be the center of attention, you want to produce an image that captivates your audience. Portraits are a great way to preserve your memories for friends an family. They also offer great historical context to your life when you include landmarks, unique styling, and story-telling.

Julian Rance Photography takes great pride in helping you archive your personality and image with attention to detail including lighting, location, props, posing and more. On the day of the shoot, you will feel like a celebrity as we focus on perfection before the first picture is taken.

Hair and makeup artists are available upon request. Additional fees apply


The modeling and fashion industry landscape is challenging yet rewarding, but before you can break into the industry it is important to establish a strong portfolio. The reality is, if you are seeking paid work in the industry, you must set yourself apart from the pack of models that are all vying for the same paid jobs as you. One of the most effective ways to leave the competition behind is to present a portfolio to casting agents that is loaded with amazing images that demonstrate your versatility and professionalism as a model.

Julian Rance Photography takes great pride in offering services to meet the diverse needs that a model may have including head shots, 2/3 and full body images, themed projects and much more. In addition to understanding the fundamental basics of developing a quality portfolio, we have the tools and resources needed to take your portfolio to the next level.

A typical fashion shoot with Julian Rance Photography may include studio strobes being fired in broad daylight, orange slices glued to your neckline for an amazing headshot, or a make-up artist turning your entire body into his or her canvas. The possibilities are endless and only stop when you limit your comfort zone to conservative - if this happens, Julian Rance Photography may not be the best option for your project.

Hair and makeup artists are available upon request. Additional fees apply

Senior Portraits

High school is the best time of your life. From enjoying great times with friends to surviving a class taught by your most challenging teacher, you will create memories that will last forever. This is also the time of your life where you define who you are and begin constructing your adult personality and with great images from Julian Rance Photography, you can create a visual work of art that helps others see what you see in yourself.

When you want to make a statement, a visit to the local family portrait studio simply isn’t enough. Yes, you may produce images that your grand parents may be proud of, but your friends simply won’t be impressed with your run-of-the mill portraits. With Julian Rance Photography you can unleash your inner self on the world with unique themes, awesome lighting, unique locations, and story telling that transforms you into a superstar.

Style is everything and when you shoot with Julian Rance Photography, you will enjoy the same experience as many of the professional models and clients that have shot with us. In fact, our goal is to confuse your friends and family as they say, “I didn’t know you were modeling...”

Each senior session includes a brief consultation to help establish the goals of your shoot. Additionally, we realize that you live in a world where handing out wallet-sized prints to your friends doesn’t make sense so we offer unique tools to help you share your amazing senior portraits using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Parents will also be pleased to know we offer password-protected photo galleries to help keep you safe online.

Hair and makeup artists are available upon request. Additional fees apply