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"Julia uses a balanced and highly empathetic approach to help you discover the blockages preventing you from living authentically and succeeding in all your personal and professional pursuits.

Julia is remarkably inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. She fully invests in those she works with and will require/push them to do the work. She'll walk side by side with you on your journey to excellence and provide you with the tools you need to drop bad habits, increase self-confidence, better manage your time and talents, and show up in life as you're supposed to. What more could you want in a coach?"

Linda O

"Julia, thank you so much for your positive energy. I lack words to express what is in my heart. You touched on a lot of aspects for me today. It felt you like you know my demons and stars.

Your points on how our mindsets constitute drawbacks are truly an eye opener. I liked how you related our state of mind to whether we succeed or fail. How we must work to align our total being.

I learnt a lot: the difference between decision and project, getting rid of the old ways, moving from the “survival” mode to our full self, being an “insider” instead of an “outsider,” and the list goes on."

Evangeline C

"Julia dynamically connected my team to the right questions very quickly, adding in some very powerful ‘past outcome’ questions that really brought light to the answers we were seeking.

If you need some sage direction given with a whole lot of value and care, I know that Julia can help you. As a business owner, it seems like we can go it alone, but the reality is it’s more powerful when you have someone on your team who can help get you there. Julia Katsivo is the ONE to get you where you want to go with clarity and ease.

Thank you, Julia, for your time, attention and care. You are valued."

Marlo H

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