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Successful & Smart Business Coaching transforms the mindsets of ambitious women solo business owners to operate in a state of abundance. This enables them to expand their visions and operations, make the impact they desire, and finally put an end to playing small living within what they think they should do. We accomplish this goal through digital products and live recorded events that are relevant, actionable, and applicable without wasting your time, money or energy on fluff.

Digital Products

Free and paid products on productivity, mindset and strategy

Live Events

Free and paid live events on productivity, planning, mindset and strategy

Private Coaching

Private coaching on productivity, planning, mindset and strategy

The energy of money

In this 30-minute video, we cover:

  • Discover your money blueprint origins - the Why behind how you view, make and spend money

  • Uncover your money type/s and why you attract the customers you do

  • Discover your money patterns and make empowering decisions that result in easeful business growth

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Founder, Successful & Smart Business Coaching

Julia Katsivo Carter