About Us

The Successful & Smart Experience (my way)

Hi, I'm Julia Katsivo Carter, a Holistic Business Coach and Founder of Successful & Smart Business Coaching based in a cottage country in Ontario, Canada. I started coaching entrepreneurs in marketing, operations strategies and mindset in 2015 and never looked back.

Up until my early 30s, I was dissatisfied with my life. There was a public image where everything looked "normal." I was hitting all the primary life goals and being a “good girl” that didn't raise (too many) eyebrows. Inside, I felt like my zest for life was ebbing. It had nothing to do with adding more activities, things or people - and everything to do with letting go of who I was and had done until then to what was essential. The Biblical Parable of the Talents kept coming to mind when I’d think of my life and career. In the middle of the night, with sleep missing in action, I’d hear, “Is this really what you’re supposed to be doing?” “Is this really it for you?” Because I feared the truth, I drowned myself in after-work, weekend socializing, and busy work. The call to look at my life only got louder. In response, I packed on the vices and workload to quieten the voice.

One day, I stopped short, took a deep breath and admitted that when my time came, and God asked me what I did with what He gave me, I’d be lacking in that department. The truth was that I was playing small (aka safe) because I was afraid of failure, disappointment, success, and responsibility. When it came to following my dreams, I had learned from childhood to sabotage - and it was time to grow up and out of old ways that limited my full potential and human expression.

I resigned from my career with the Canada Revenue Agency (mortgage, car note and all). I said yes to working in my gifts and talents (zero network, introvert, no social media, nothing).

My gifts included public speaking, teaching, coaching and writing - all scary things considering they involved performing/displaying for others. Terrifying because I was stepping out on my own.

I also wanted to work from home and own my time and creativity because of health challenges.

My goal was unheard of back then and in my circle of the world. I lived in the era of “Go hard or go home.” “Pain is only weakness leaving your body.” So, could I do it? Accomplish my goals while honouring my body’s specific energy requirements.

I decided yes, more love - real love, loving relationships, travel, and time in nature. I wanted to live surrounded by trees, water, and spacious land with a partner who owned his business and worked from home. Could I make it happen?

I set out to transform my life into more of what I love, including radical shifts in the way I thought, what I believed, and my actions.

A little more than ten years later, I am living more of what I love and letting go of what doesn't count. I'm fortunate to walk beside outstanding women entrepreneurs on a mission to design the best business and life without sacrificing freedom. They, too, like me, want more of what's essential, more of what counts, and a company that supports their lifestyle.

They come to me wanting to grow their business, streamline their processes, and scale. They want more time, money, energy, freedom, and loving relationships. I used to think they came to me because I have 20 years of marketing, sales, and process development experience with certifications in advanced coaching methods. Education and experience help, but I’m a walking example about mastery of boundaries, choices, thoughts, and actions that create dream lives.

Beyond strategies, grit, action and all that good stuff - is the fundamental truth that we are human first. I specifically work with women because we embody unique challenges and ways of moving through the world that can butt heads with conventional business practices.

Some common examples include:

  • Not wanting to grow/scale because of fear of being away from children/home and shifting/losing relationships

  • Hormonal changes that require energy and time adjustments for productivity/prioritizing self-care as a business boss move

  • Past failure, disappointment or breach of trust often impedes self-trust and decision-making abilities/over-identification with feelings and labels.

And what about good ol’ success and visibility threatening the instinct to hide, stay safe, and remain part of the community?

For many women, these mental blocks are not evident. They manifest in other ways, for example, procrastination, indecision, busyness, and signing up for a coaching program after another, always in learning mode.

So I focus on the whole person - all parts - a holistic approach to business growth that doesn’t sacrifice time, energy and money freedom. One aligns the entire being with what you’re doing so that when you look around and look back, you see that you created a successful & smart business your way.

By transforming their mindsets to operate in abundance, my clients expand their vision and operations, make the impact they desire, and (finally) put an end to playing small living within what they thought they should.

As for me, I chase what God has placed in my heart as a form of love and worship. It is navigating everyday life with whatever it presents (especially the dark and valleys) with a mindset that creates abundance, is grateful, and is purposeful in living - no matter what. When I look around, and when I look back, I am thankful. To that part of me, that was so afraid of what could be and didn’t want to dare dream more - we’re here, kid.

To the woman entrepreneur reading this right now going through the pain of doubt, disappointment and indecision, fearing growth and success - it's okay, that's all a part of the journey; learn to play. How you show up to all aspects of your life is what makes your character. What you do every day is what makes up your life and business. Make it good.