At Successful and Smart Business Coaching, we keep you focused on what matters most so you can confidently grow your business.

Let's face it. Growing or expanding a business is hard work.

Even if you are a self-starter, self-made, go-getter, or figure-it-out person, you could use all the help you can get. Struggles are a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey but don't have to be the destination. We can help.

You may be a solo business owner wanting to increase your revenue to hit your first six figures and bring in a team. Or you are an established multi-six or seven-figure business looking to streamline and leverage, and you need emotional and tactical support through the power of coaching. Good on you for hitting awareness and recognizing that it's time to hire help.

Your business has different stages, and often when in the thick of it, it’s easy to get lost and procrastinate, burn out, jump ahead, or mismanage resources. These are natural growth points but, when not understood, lead business owners to react and make decisions that complicate or regress progress. 

When you know where you are and where you’re going, it’s easier to stay on track and focus on the proper steps at the right time. With the right tools and support, you lessen the learning curve and achieve your goals faster with less emotional trauma. 

Which is where we come in.

We help our clients find the wisest, fastest path to success by combining relevant real-world operations and marketing strategies with world-class mindset coaching. We’ve been helping small businesses nail their marketing strategies, streamline their processes, and raise their inner game since 2015. We're in the business of helping create successful & smart businesses.

Happy business, happy life.

Ready to raise your inner game?

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What others are saying...

Julia transformed my year! I was able to elevate into my ideal client profile and definitely made more money. Julia also kept me sane, clear headed and proactive as I moved through some personal emotional places. Julia is more than a coach, she truly is out to help you succeed in all areas of your life. [Annalay A]

Julia is not afraid to step up and let you know in a kind and generous way where you need to grow yourself and your business. The time I have spent with Julia has opened my eyes to some of the blockages that have been holding me back. If you truly need someone to take you by the hand and walk with you into the unknown . . . Julia is that person!  [Jane H]

Not only does Julia teach you the business tactics but also the psychological reasons why we do it and why it is effective. When things makes sense, you gain confidence in what you do. Julia gave me that confidence in myself and my business. Also, every interaction with Julia is filled with compassion and understanding. [Hiroko I]

I was making a business shift in the product I was offering and was stuck on how best to go about getting the word out. This program gave me a great set of tools to use to make the shift now and going forward. Julia offers a great set of tools to use along with a wonderful insight into the personal side of your business. [Heather L]

Having Julia as my coach has been life changing! Her guidance and counsel has opened me up to start manifesting my goals and allowed me to level up in my business where I am seeing great results...and it's only been a couple months!

 I highly recommend Julia's coaching services, positive results guaranteed! [Janiisa]

Julia is so calming and in control. Within 30 minutes I had an epiphany that completely changed the vision for my business. I came in with one tunnel vision view for my business and very quickly that was diverted to my true desires and goals for my future.

Whether you are starting out in business or you are stuck somewhere along the journey, Julia's program can absolutely show the way. Highly recommended :) [Rina R]

If you’re in need of some sage direction given with a whole lot of value and care, I know that Julia can help you. 

As a business owner, it seems like we can go it alone, but the reality is it’s more powerful when you have someone on your team who can help get you there. 

Julia Katsivo Carter is the ONE to get you where you want to go with clarity and ease. [Marlo H]

You're coaching was the spark, and I now feel like I am coming into my own.

You will be a part of my journey, and I'm forever grateful for your guidance and support
[John R]

Focused and dedicated to you and your growth! If you are willing to put in the work - you will reap the results!  [Struan R]

Julia does an amazing job of helping her clients overcome mental barriers to personal and professional growth. She has really helped me get out of the weeds and be more focused on the big picture, setting goals and laying and executing the plans to achieve those goals. [Jonathan C]

Julia thank you so much for your positive energy. I lack words to express what is in my heart. You touched a lot of aspects for me today. It felt you like you know my demons and stars. Speaking with you is like speaking to a room of powerful men and women. Your knowledge on various topics is so clear especially around “Mindset”. Your points on how our mindsets constitute as draw backs is truly an eye opener. I liked the way you related our state of mind to whether we succeed or fail. How we must work to align our total being. [Evangeline C]

Julia commands the room immediately when she is speaking. She clearly knows her material and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and expand. I recommend Julia to speak as a keynote , workshop facilitator or as your private coach. [Cledra G]

Before Julia, I struggled to define who my target market was for my business. After,  I realized that my target market were professionals in corporate jobs. I also discovered my why was wrong.

I overcame this and now I know to attend events exactly where my target audience will be. I focus on social media that they are likely to be on and use the language that speaks directly to them. Highly recommend. [Charmaine B]

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About Julia

Julia Katsivo Carter is the Founder and Lead Holistic Business Coach of Successful & Smart Business Coaching.

She transforms the mindsets of business owners to operate in a state of abundance. This enables them to expand their visions and operations, make the impact they desire, and finally put an end to playing small living within what they think they should do.

After working for 17 years with the Canada Revenue Agency and several Fortune 500 companies, Julia started Successful & Smart Business Coaching in 2015. She lives and works out of cottage country in Ontario, Canada.

Mindset | Marketing | Strategy 

Interested in a coaching relationship with us? 

Let's start with the good ol' sales call to see whether we fit right.