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Julia transformed my year! I was able to elevate into my ideal client profile and definitely made more money. Julia also kept me sane, clear headed and proactive as I moved through some personal emotional places. Julia is more than a coach, she truly is out to help you succeed in all areas of your life. [Annalay A]

Julia is not afraid to step up and let you know in a kind and generous way where you need to grow yourself and your business. The time I have spent with Julia has opened my eyes to some of the blockages that have been holding me back. If you truly need someone to take you by the hand and walk with you into the unknown . . . Julia is that person! [Jane H]

Not only does Julia teach you the business tactics but also the psychological reasons why we do it and why it is effective. When things makes sense, you gain confidence in what you do. Julia gave me that confidence in myself and my business. Also, every interaction with Julia is filled with compassion and understanding. [Hiroko I]

I was making a business shift in the product I was offering and was stuck on how best to go about getting the word out. This program gave me a great set of tools to use to make the shift now and going forward. Julia offers a great set of tools to use along with a wonderful insight into the personal side of your business. [Heather L]

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