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Although nestled on the outskirts of the small rural mountain community of Julian, California, the Julian Union School District functions as the hub and center of the community. The school plays an integral part in the lives of the families, the neighboring businesses and the surrounding community. The quaint, rustic town of Julian is located sixty miles northeast of San Diego, and is an extremely popular tourist retreat throughout the year. Known as "the apple country", the old-fashioned, picturesque town's privacy and close knit community atmosphere is highly valued by the local townspeople, many of whose families have lived in the area for several generations. Julian Union is a school district consisting of one elementary and one junior high school with very little district office infrastructure. The superintendent's office is located on the elementary campus and he is in classrooms on a daily basis. Since the Julian Elementary attendance area encompasses 618.6 square miles, and it's boundaries go from the desert floor to the top of the mountain, the school buses provide the life line between students and the schools. The community income is derived mainly from cattle ranching, apple farming, and tourism. Many parents commute off the mountain to work in the city since the community has no large business or industry. The school district is the largest employer in the community. The population size has remained fairly constant over the last few years, although expectations for future growth loom on the horizon. While the town and school may be small and rural, the community has come to expect an educational program that is comparable with any in the city. The elementary school, which serves approximately 360 students, was established in 1921. While we do not have a large district organization to supplement our school level efforts, we believe that our staff of talented professionals have been able to develop curriculum and create programs for our students which would be the envy of many large districts. As one visits classrooms, it is apparent that there is much care, effort, talent, and creativity behind each student interaction. We are committed to our students, each other, and to our profession. We are committed to the continuous evaluation of our programs, to making improvements, and to striving for excellence in all that we do. The "team" effort of staff, parents, students, community and school board have created an outstanding learning environment for all students.
JULIAN UNION SCHOOL DISTRICT MISSION STATEMENTOur Mission is...To provide our students success in learning. We are dedicated to the individual development of attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility essential to successful achievement in school and society. We actively involve parents and the community in supporting student learning and development.To Fulfill our Mission...We are committed to a strong and comprehensive educational program and learning environment which enhances self esteem, provides role models, optimizes each child's potential, develops a lifelong love of learning, builds personal responsibility, and accentuates individual respect.Fundamental to our Mission...Is a commitment to the active involvement of a competent and caring staff, teamwork, shared leadership, the effective management of resources, and a safe and orderly learning environment. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our students, families, community, each other, our profession, and to continuous learning.
CORE VALUESHONORWe value and honor individual diversity in our students and their families.HONESTY and RESPECTHonesty and open communication are the foundation for our professional relationships. We respect, support, and value each member of our school family.RESPONSIBILITYWe are responsible for the success of students, support of each other, and support of our community.OPTIMISMWe are committed to a positive attitude which enhances self-esteem for students, staff, and families. We utilize a pro-active approach which empowers the school community to achieve mutual goals.COMMITMENTWe recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities. We view fellow staff members and students as part of our extended family.