Making H𝘦𝘳story

Welcome to our story: Looking after East Saltrillo Creek, Converse, Texas.

...An endeavor of female empowerment and impact

Special thanks to GirlsBuild, the LA Promise Fund, and the JSTEM Academy.

Who We Are

We are a girl group in San Antonio, TX. We were chosen to be one of the ten groups scattered around the nation to compete in the fourth year of Girls Build. Our main priority is to keep plastic out of our local creek. We are very honored to be apart of such a great event for an incredible organization. Sincerely, the Making Herstory team.


Members from left to right:

Randall Ohman, Neveah Topp, Daniya Vidal, Alexandra Banda, Ava Ricks, Rhiauna Starks, Isabel Romero, Dianna King, Mariana Rangel, Cheyenne Lopez, Naolin Gonzales, Nelly Erby, and Marissa Ramirez.

Our school is old. But it has some trees and there is a creek, East Saltrillo, that flows between us and the high school. Schaefer Road goes to both of the schools with a bridge that goes over the creek. Some of us walk to school and home and we see the creek every day from the bridge. There is trash in the creek especially around the bridge. And we plan to look farther up and down the creek to see if there is a lot of trash also.

Our idea for our team’s project is to influence our community members in a way so that they don't make a habit of throwing things into the creek especially at the bridge. Some people who are inconsiderate will put trash in the creek anyway. But we think people are basically good and that if we raise awareness of the importance of keeping the creek clean and make it easy for them to do that then we would have a good impact. We would like to make it last so that even when we graduate from our school the effect we had will continue.

So our project is to make it easy for our neighbors and students put trash where it should go. We will have some events to keep the community informed and to raise awareness of the problem of trash in the creek. We think we need to fundraise because one idea we had is to put really nice trash barrels at the four points around the bridge that are decorated with our creek project name and information so it’s inviting to put trash into.

We will be able to see if this works and if it does we would like to have another event to celebrate and let the community know that they are having a good impact on our creek.

Made by : Naolin Gonzales and Dianna King. Pictures : Karyna Flores


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