The Laboratory for Audience Interactive Technologies

I established The Laboratory for Audience Interactive Technologies (LAIT) with a major grant from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Its mission is to research and develop applications for personal mobile devices for use in live performance. This includes theater, music, dance, and performance art. At LAIT we developed an innovative information delivery application for use in live performance events, which consists of three parts: a mobile app, an event server, and a content creator. It allows a producer to show content on a live event attendee’s phone instantaneously, on cue, in real time. Furthermore, the content of the app can be updated quite rapidly, even minutes before a show opens, in order to accommodate the last-minute changes often needed in the theatrical arts. The LAIT app, now called "Mosho," has been in use by John Toenjes and his collaborators M. Anthony Reimer (LAIT's main programmer) and Chad Michael Hall for several major dance theater production, and is now beginning to be used by other dance companies and theaters.

LAIT has a website all its own: Please visit this site for more information about LAIT and Mosho.