Current Projects

Dance in the form of live games – Spring semester 2021 ChoreoLab

DANC 456 Choreographic Lab course is going to be approaching social media issues through interactive dance. Using a game structure, we will experiment with how to engage audiences in self-reflection through participating in a game within a performance of contemporary dance. We will most likely be collaborating with a class at Florida International University in Miami, and possibly other remote institutions. This will require employing technologies such as 360-degree video, VR, projections, peer-to-peer Internet collaborations, and a cellphone app. I need someone to help with learning authoring tools for creating 360-degree video and VR scenarios, and in creating app programs on cellphones using a custom utility for audience interaction within the dance. Research into how to link personal VR with public view of the VR-users headset will be needed, as well as into how to live stream this view to remote locations in Miami and Irvine, California. Research might also be required of how to gather tracking information from the headset to be used as data to determine game flow and progression and user choices. At the end of the semester I would like the INFO intern to help write an academic paper about this semester’s experiments for submission to various publications and conferences. Skills and aptitudes desired (but it’s not necessary to know all of) are ability to think creatively, an interest in games, ability to learn high-level authoring tools (such as Max/MSP, Unity, Isadora, Touch Designer), ability to research how to apply technologies to artistic problems, computer programming expertise (any language), editing video in Adobe Premiere and still images in Adobe Photoshop, good writing skills.

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