Business GreenHouse

Discovering and growing new entrepreneurial talents worldwide, AlterContacts is the engine behind our Business Greenhouse.

Business GreenHouse is a prototype of a new economy where all agents contribute to each other’s well being in a sustainable way. It is a global Ecosystem for social entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups. Our members, mentors, partners are social entrepreneurs. What drives them is, first of all, the value they bring to the world.

Our core mission is to empower our members, to make them prosperous and show them how to take full advantage of what they have already. We help business enthusiasts who are passionate about what they do and committed to making it a success.

Boutique Advisory

Together with our clients, AlterContacts experts and facilitators explore possible solutions to enable decision-makers to achieve more impact and take better decisions through our Boutique Advisory.

We help decision-makers see their challenge in a new light, facilitate the dialogue with relevant stakeholders, provide them with information, ideas, and advice, and guide them to work through it.

Our specialty areas of focus are

  • Facilitation of Strategic Dialogue and visualization of Future Scenarios
  • Support in Decision Making, Critical Path identification and alternatives
  • Business Innovation, Transformation and Change Management
  • Idea Generation, Solution Design & Problem Solving. is a tool to enable the Digital Fabrication Revolution. Initiative is run in collaboration with Scimpulse Foundation. is a consortium proposal. The goal is to set up a transparently governed organisation to work on a shared and open set of standards and protocols to connect the dots of design, specifications, hackers, repairers, manufacturers, to unbind in the material world the same kind of transformation that the World Wide Web brought to the information ecosystem. The approach is based on the success stories of other initiatives like the Wold Wide Web consortium and LINUX, among others.