To help small businesses and self-employed professionals overcome the challenges of the pandemic and reactivate the economy, in June 2020 we launched the Lockdown Economy. It is a global non-profit grassroots social-economic and educational movement. The United Nations has recognized it as an Acceleration Action for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Across the globe, young people are being disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the world of work. None of the courses they had, prepared them for this crisis. Recent graduates are struggling to enter the labour market. The current situation calls for a more efficient and dynamic education. We want to give young people opportunities to develop their potential to shape the future of the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made confinement a defining part of our lives. The interaction with our families and friends happens digitally. The children are remotely- schooled, their parents are working from home. In many countries, mobility is limited to getting food and medical services. To compensate for the lack of movement people exercise in the solitude of their living rooms. For the majority of the world’s population, this has become a reality because of the highly contagious nature of COVID-19. For people with disabilities, it has been the way of living long before. Our idea is to provide a safe and entertaining environment where anyone can learn about complex subjects.

The goal of our project is to create opportunities to cover basic needs (food, shelter, medical support) for self-employed people who lost their source of income due to the pandemic. That will be done by enabling the government to outsource remote office tasks to freelancers and self-employed through existing freelance platforms.

We aim to Empower Entrepreneurship across the globe. Our goal is to prototype a new economy, based on trust, where all agents -- entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals and startups -- contribute to each other’s well being in a sustainable way. We believe that whatever their reason was to start on their own, the brave ones that do deserve genuine and high-quality support. Not as a one-off but consistently along their entrepreneurial journey. We don’t promise anyone the mountains of gold. Instead, we help them learn, connect and grow in what they do.

Ignorance goes beyond illiteracy and innumeracy. It manifests itself in a lack of knowledge and an inability to process information. It affects the way we perceive reality, interact with and distinguish facts from opinions, and how we make decisions. Eradicating it is not just about producing new knowledge but about sharing it in a way that reaches the minds of people, about finding alternative ways of education. Through our initiatives and campaigns, we hope to bring knowledge and a fact-based approach back to various spheres of life, all ages, and countries.

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Our initiatives are non-profit. If you would like to support our efforts to Eradicate Ignorance and Empower Entrepreneurship across the World, we welcome your contribution.