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Among our experts are researchers, entrepreneurs, PhD's, free professionals, TED speakers, world award winners in their own fields, graduated from distinguished universities and also certified by forward-thinking institutions such as IDEO, the Institute for the Future, the Singularity University and other more exotic sources of knowledge. They all have broad T-profiles, capable to apply their expertise across different systems, situations, scenarios, disciplines, industries and markets

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Strategy, System Thinking, Scenarios, Digital Computing, Innovation, Problem Solving, New Product or Service Introduction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Shipbuilding & Maritime Operations

Arctic, Oil and Gas, Business Development, Growth Hacking, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Stakeholder Mgmt, Public Relations, Event Design

The Netherlands

Coaching (online), Personal Transformation Support, Executive Communication Coaching, Branding, Purpose Development and Activation

Exponential growth, Mergers and Acquisitions, Alliances and Partnerships, Business Solution Creation, Digital Enabled Growth, Technology Adoption

Digital innovation, IT sourcing and innovation, Digital ecosystems, System theory, Autopoietic systems

People & Team Development, Creative Problem Solving, Divergent Thinking, Alternative Education, Startups, Serious Play & Games, HR Transformation & Digital, Value Driven Strategy


Strategy, Disruptive Innovation, Business Modelling, Digital Marketing, Design Thinking Sprints, Entre- & Intra-preneurship

Sales, Retail, Marketing. FMCG expert, Business Models, Design Thinking, Management Consulting

Corporate Storytelling, Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Service Design, People Development

Information Technologies, Innovative Technologies, IT Strategy, Telecommunications, Energy

Business modelling and planning, Innovation engineer, Horizon 2020 expert, IP & Trade secrets management, Negotiation wizard


Creative problem solving, Team Development, Collective intelligence, Game Thinking, Learning agility, Playful learning, Managerial Innovation

The United Kingdom

Creativity, Communications, Change, Team Cohesion, Personal Impact and Assertiveness

Stakeholder management, Issues and crisis management, Internal and External Communications, Decommissioning, Health and Safety, Business Partnership and key account management


Branding Strategy, Agriculture (Coffee), Intellectual Property, Innovation, Commercialization & Development Strategies


Executive & Reinvention Coach, Personal Branding, Digital Nomad & Knowmad Lifestyle, Remote Work, Future of Work, Networking Connector & Matchmaker

Latin America

Foresight, Future Scenarios, Strategy, Innovation, Exponential Technology, Digital Systems, Business Intelligence, Cyber Security, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Maker Spaces

Mechanical / Mechatronic design, Project Management, CAD / CAM / CIM

Disruptive education, Public policies, Social entrepreneurship and Strategic planning

Strategy, Change Management, Organizational Development, Creativity, Negotiation, Neuro Leadership,

Economics, Business Administration, SMEs; Formulation, coordination and design of analytical tools; Policies and processes' implementation; Financial and administrative management.

North America

Aerospace, Innovation Management & Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Design Thinking, Engineering, Production

Global Business Development, Digital Transformation, China Business Strategy, M&A, 5G, AI, IoT, AR, Microelectronics, Contract Manufacturing, US Patent Laws, Information Security


Strategy, Business Transformation, Leadership and organization development, Marketing, Communications

Business Model Development, Growth hacker, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Innovation,

Holistic Education, Global Information Distributor, Astrology

Gamification, Entrepreneurship, Agility, Strategy, Leadership, Learning & Development, Business Simulations, Design Thinking

Custom BoardGame based Transformation, Play Based Learning, Design Thinking, Customer Experience & Innovation


Biology, Dendrology, Plant Introduction to the North, Seed Science, Plant embryogenesis, Plant chromosome analysis


Cognitive Neurosciences, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence

Master's Student at Sapienza University of Rome

Nadezhda Kamasheva

Arctic, International Affairs, Waldorf education, Anthroposophy

PhD student at the Russian Academy of Sciences

Plants Inspirational Coaching, Problem Solving, Innovation, Mindfulness, People Development, Creative Thinking, Digital Marketing, Personal Branding

Master's Student at the University of Pisa