Think Tank AlterContacts supports the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Mission

Together with the United Nations, leading international organizations and countries set an ambitious target for 2030 - to work jointly on Sustainable Development Goals and improve life on planet Earth. We fully support this intention. Through instilling sustainability mindset and adding the long-term positive impact to the decisions at the level of company, city and country executives, we can change the way things are done to a more holistic, conscious and safe way that will define the future of our planet.

Our Vision

Discover what we stand for as a group in AlterContacts Manifesto.

We operate as a network of volunteering experts and partners.

Our Nonprofit Activities

Think Tank AlterContacts contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through research, publications, initiatives and facilitating constructive dialogue on socio-economic development worldwide. The ultimate goal of our think tank is to be the driver of change: identify an institutional void or a societal problem that is not addressed, bring attention to it, incubate possible solutions that could be adopted at the higher level. We function as an incubator for civil society ideas.

Our key initiatives are aimed at Eradicating Ignorance, Empowering Entrepreneurship, and helping organisations to instil the mindset of sustainability and system thinking to design solutions. What does it mean in practice? Learn more about our Initiatives here.

Our For-Profit Activities

We act as a virtual laboratory of ideas that develops practices for sustainable solutions, helping communities to become more resourceful, and shorten the path to a more prosperous world. You can read more about our Services here.

What we earn providing our services, we use to fund our nonprofit initiatives.

Think Tank AlterContacts was founded in April 2019 by Massimo Mercuri and Julia Skupchenko.

Massimo (55) is an innovation and digital technology expert with 30+ years of experience (incl. 15+ as executive) which enables running the operations using the latest innovation practices and intimate understanding of clients' challenges. He takes care of strategic vision, innovation analysis, connections with possible clients and partners.

Julia (30) is an award-winning entrepreneur, business advisor, writer for Entrepreneur.com, with in-depth knowledge of business challenges. She is responsible for running operations, coordinating experts and volunteers, project management, communications and marketing.

Transparency & Reporting

We stand for full transparency and report our actions regularly. You can find up-to-date tracking of our actions and in-depth reporting on our everyday contribution to SDG on our LinkedIn page.

Our activities up until June 2020 and their SDG contribution on AlterContacts SDG Transparency Blog.

Find the report for 2019-2020 here.

Code of Conduct

To confirm our commitment to conduct all our activities in a responsible and sustainable manner with well-assessed long-term implications on people and the environment, we have put our principles of acting and interacting in writing in our Code of Conduct. Additionally, we have started the process of validating our Partner's commitment to the UN Ten Principles, to align the mission with a joint vision.

We track and measure our own contribution to Sustainable Development Goals. Our recent SDG Baseline Assessment - that reflects how aligned our operations and strategies are with ten universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption - on SDG Action Manager by Global Compact received 88.6%.

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