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Think Tank AlterContacts contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through research, publications, initiatives and facilitating constructive dialogue on International Development worldwide. Our key initiatives are aimed at Eradicating Ignorance, Empowering Entrepreneurship and helping organizations to instill the mindset of sustainability, track and measure their contribution to the UN SDGs.


Our proposal was submitted to the European Commission during #EUvsVirus hackathon

Our initiative Empower Entrepreneurship is registered as the UN Partnership for SDGs (#35868)

Think Tank AlterContacts has been recognized as a non-profit by

We are discussing opportunities for collaboration with UNICEF on our initiative Eradicate Ignorance.

What we do

Introduction to the concept of the Think Tank AlterContacts from its Co-Founder Massimo Mercuri.

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How to Get Invited as a Speaker

How to become recognized as an expert in your field? How to build a "YOU" brand? Discover in this webinar by Anirvan Sen.

Speaking with Confidence and Relevance

One of the ways to share knowledge is to give talks. How can you bring the message across and keep the attention of your audience? Find out in this webinar with Dannie-Lu Carr.

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We stand for full transparency and report our actions regularly on our AlterContacts SDG Transparency Blog