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The unique part is that we all contribute to each other's well-being in a sustainable way and we all are here to stay. Our focus is future.

The main challenge in business is lack of trust. What principles will guide European entrepreneurship in the new decade?

It's time to change our everyday actions from fixating on short-term gains and start looking ahead to the future of cooperation and possibilities.

Even in one of the startup capitals of the World, the most common question among sole entrepreneurs is Where do I meet people like me?

Learn how these inspiring women turn the challenges into their winning qualities and conquer the business world.

"We are, without knowing, holding keys - resources, talents, contacts - that could in a very simple way open the door for other people's dreams!"

Do you know that feeling of fear and urgency that you have to find clients, you have to make money, you absolutely don’t have time to rest?

In today’s world, we are more overloaded than ever before, it can often feel impossible to get the workload finished and at times, even started.

So you have a dream of starting your own company. But you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in the industry…

If you are about to start your company or you got stuck in your current business — see if you recognize the signs in this article.

The most common challenge for entrepreneurs is getting more customers. So what is standing between you and them?

When you start a business and don’t have time for the “trial and error” method, here are the three mistakes you want to avoid.

As freelance consultants, we often risk not getting paid. Sadly, not every client we help actually pays their bill. We can all fall into…

Can we stop using the quote?

Three simple steps that will allow you to turn things around and start making money instead of draining them.

How come with all the websites, articles, and recommendations — online we still cannot find the place that is actually worthy?