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To support you during the lockdown and continue inspiring you and sharing new business ideas, we launched a series of interviews with entrepreneurs.

They come from various parts of the world and occupations and share how the lockdown has affected them and what their market looks like now.

You can access it at LockdownEconomy.org

Business GreenHouse is a global ecosystem for small businesses, social entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and independent practitioners.

We empower you at what you do, help you avoid common mistakes, provide training and toolkit, create the connections that will enable you to grow. It doesn't require a full-time commitment - you participate when you can and you do things at your own speed.

If you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you have a running business or just a business idea - this is your chance to get guidance, knowledge, support and promotion.

Find more about Membership here.

"Whether you are just starting or you have had your business for a few years - being part of Business GreenHouse will boost your future growth. With our passionate team of mentors, uniquely designed training, the toolkit that was tried and tested and, of course, support of your peers - you can achieve more than what you think.

We put our heart in what we do - helping you realize your entrepreneurial potential. Join us and let's grow together!"

- Co-Founder of Business GreenHouse, Julia Skupchenko

We are Creating a Global Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs. The unique part is that we all contribute to each other's well-being in a sustainable way and we all are here to stay. Our focus is future.

Our Mentors are based in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America with insights and knowledge about local markets.

They are serial entrepreneurs with a track record of business success, TedX speakers, authors of books in their fields of studies, PhDs, Stanford and Harvard alumni.

Our Mentors will help you with

  • Business Reality Check

  • Actionable Path to Growth

  • Marketing

  • Communications

  • Tech and Innovation

  • Creating Partnerships

  • Pivoting and New Product Development

  • Human-centered Design

  • Creativity and Personal Impact

  • Science-based businesses and Patenting

  • Confidence and Assertiveness

And much more!

As a Member you get Access to

As a part of your Personal Learning Trajectory you will be invited to our training events online and in different locations of the World - workshops, masterclasses, webinars, and retreats (as a member you get a great discount). There our experts will guide you step by step on how to deal with various every day obstacles, use business canvases, set ambitious business goals and be confident in achieving them.


When you join, you receive our PlayBook on how to present yourself on Social Media; Tips and Tricks about posting; Templates of emails to your future clients and promotions; Useful Canvases; Terms & Conditions you can use when working with a client. Discover the Free Resources we prepared for you.


We keep members of our community closely connected. Every other month we host a free webinar for our community where you can share your challenges, ask questions and get advice from your mentors and peers. You can also do it at any time in a safe and open environment of our Network. Depending on your needs we can match you with a peer in the same area of expertise but in different location. We regularly organize facilitated networking events (as a member you get a great discount) where you can meet everyone face to face.

What our Community Members say

Business GreenHouse Event Let's Create an Ecosystem of Free Professionals in Rome, June 2019. Photos by Daria Kro.

"That it is a great way to network and to learn from other people's expertise. I felt the organizers created a real space and atmosphere for collaboration and to build something in an open and humble way."

"Great evening with lots of positive energy. It was inspiring to see other entrepreneurs who are happy to share their advice. I got my challenge solved!"

"It was an inspiring, insightful meeting, with interesting people. I felt welcomed and included. Awesome people, open for communication and support. Nice, empowering energy. I left full of enthusiasm and positive mood. Would love to meet you again."

"I found answers to the questions I had about every day business life of a woman. The mentors helped me deal with the lack of confidence and fear to make the next step."

"It's a nice way to enter in contact with other professionals, the organizers are kind and qualified to help you and reply to each question."

"Sharing was great and uplifting. I learnt that I'm not alone in the troubles I have every day. And there is no reason to crush myself."

Business GreenHouse Event Secrets of International Business Success in Milano, October 2019

Business GreenHouse Events How to Start a Business and How to Find and Approach Customers in Amsterdam, August 2019

"Thank you for sharing your invaluable marketing knowledge, constructive and very specific! You helped me to clearly carve out the uniqueness of the business offer, and the most impactful actions to take. I also valued the feedback we shared in the group, acting as a sounding board. A must-do for anyone who wants to truly rock their business!"

"After our session, my mind is filled with sharp focus points. For that, thank you. The best hours spent in a long time. It cleared a lot of fog in my mind... I thought I knew what I was offering, who I wanted as my target audience etc... It was definitely a pivotal moment."

"I’ve learned a lot about how to reach out to customers and got a better insight on how I can improve it and how to change my pitch to get the abstract subject of social selling clearer"

By joining GreenHouse you support United Nations Development Goals

Our Events

Official Launch of Business GreenHouse at the Startup Village by Skolkovo Innovation Fund in Moscow